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OTC, The One Tool Company that professional technicians trust. Over 75 years commitment to quality has earned that trust. They are continuously adding new technologies and features to the Nemisys Hand Held Scanner line. The newest addition is the Nemisys with Heavy Duty Truck diagnostic capability. This innovation enhances the the diagnostic power of the scan tool and provides you with the very best value for your money. When you look at the true cost of ownership - the purchase price, cost of updates, cost of add-ons, range of features, reliability, training and much more - OTC Scanners stand out as the very best value for your money. OTC provides the affordable diagnostics technology you need today and to grow your shop tomorrow.

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OTC Nemisys 2012 Domestic & Asian Software with Memory Card Bundle Kit (SKU: OTC377436)OTC Nemisys 2012 Domestic & Asian Software with Memory Card Bundle Kit (SKU: OTC377436)
Nemisys Asian OBD I Cable Kit (Cables Only) (SKU: OTC377419)Nemisys Asian OBD I Cable Kit (Cables Only) (SKU: OTC377419)OTC Nemisys Asian OBD I Cable Kit (Cables only) - Includes the new KIA cable.
Nemisys Toyota DCL#1 Adapter (SKU: OTC377417)Nemisys Toyota DCL#1 Adapter (SKU: OTC377417)Toyota Dcl#1 Adapter for OTC Nemisys scan tool.
Nemisys Toyota DCL#2 Adapter (SKU: OTC377418)Nemisys Toyota DCL#2 Adapter (SKU: OTC377418)
Nemisys USB A - B Cable Kit (SKU: OTC377420)Nemisys USB A - B Cable Kit (SKU: OTC377420)OTC Nemisys USB A - B Cable Kit for the OTC Nemisys Scan Tool.
Nemisys DB25 to OBDII Cable (SKU: OTC377401)Nemisys DB25 to OBDII Cable (SKU: OTC377401)
OTC Nemisys OBD-II Smart Cable (SKU: OTC377434)OTC Nemisys OBD-II Smart Cable (SKU: OTC377434)

The OTC Nemisys is an automotive scan tool designed and powered by Determinator technology. Nemisys covers early OBD I systems (with purchase of OBD-I cables) and all OBD II protocols, including the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol. Nemisys now includes Body and Chassis systems along with Engine, Transmission, ABS, and Airbag as well as TPMS system coverage for many vehicles. Coupons on

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