Nexiq Pro-Link Grahiq Detroit Diesel DDEC III & IV PCMCIA Card
Nexiq Pro-Link Grahiq Detroit Diesel DDEC III & IV PCMCIA Card

Nexiq Pro-Link Grahiq Detroit Diesel DDEC III & IV PCMCIA Card

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Nexiq Pro-Link Grahiq Detroit Diesel DDEC III & IV PCMCIA Card
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Note: This product only covers the 1995 - 2005 model years.

The Detroit Diesel Suite 8.3 Application Software provides the user the capability of reprogramming and diagnosing Detroit Diesel DDEC III and IV electronic systems with the latest controller software level of R39. To address advanced capabilities provided by Detroit Diesel, the MPC uses PCMCIA cards. The card is plugged into the back of the unit, and provides additional functions unique to Detroit Diesel. The following list contains all of the features and functions available with this card. Kit includes Application Card and Manual.

New Features Include:

  • Covers diagnostics for DDEC III/IV ECM firmware to version R39
  • Reset Particulate Trap Function, allows for resetting of mileage on particulate trap change-out
  • New PID/SIDs for: Particulate Trap, EGR System Monitoring, O2 Sensor Counts, Smart Cruise Control Status and Expanded System Diagnostics Monitoring
  • PRO-LINK GRAPHIQ support for graphical display of EGR and other OBD monitored tests
  • Fault code date and time logging
  • 2nd page fault data supported for active faults
  • ECM date and time display
  • Progressive shift parameters

Additional Features:

  • Data list parameters
  • Trouble codes with text descriptions
  • Perform diagnostic tests
  • Speed limit parameters
  • Exhaust temperature monitoring
  • English/Metric menu saves setting to PCMCIA card
  • Snapshot recording
  • Create custom data list

DDEC III Engine Features:

  • Displays the specific DDEC system type, including DDEC IV
  • Increased half engine operation functionality
  • Support of low gear torque limiting
  • Supports cutout for natural gas engines
  • Additional ESS transmission functionality
  • Added total engine revolutions to the engine data menu
  • Eaton Top 2 support added
  • Support for optimized load
  • Reset AFR learn table on natural gas engines
  • New maintenance monitoring
  • Monitor systems
  • Perform diagnostic tes
  • Modify system/data

DDEC Marine Application Features:

  • Supports marine controls version 2.0, 2.5, 3.0
  • Separated menus for marine controls specific parameters
  • Marine engine parameters integrated with standard engine parameters
  • Menu option allows for parameter names to switch from standard to marine
  • Data list enhancements

Series 638 Features:

  • Print option added
  • Data list
  • Defect codes
    • View codes
    • Clear codes
  • I/O status

Operating System Enhancements

  • Custom data list can be saved to PCMCIA
  • Data list wrap
  • Includes data freeze feature
  • Snapshot trigger on any fault
  • Faster and easier print function
    • Side button 2 hot key
    • Historic codes, print 2nd page data
    • Print all ECM data
    • Print 2nd screen data inactive faults
    • More descriptive headings
    • Application version number included
    • Tool ID display enlarged
  • Marine menu data list enhancements
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