GM Tech 2 Pro Optima Scan Tool
GM Tech 2 Pro Optima Scan Tool

GM Tech 2 Pro Optima Scan Tool

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GM Tech 2 Pro Optima Scan Tool
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Authentic General Motors Hardware & Software coverage from model year 1992 to current, includes Hummer, gives you the same diagnostic capabilities as the Dealership.
  • CANdi Module for 2003 & later vehicles utilizing Low Speed and High Speed CAN communications.
  • Covers all powertrain, chassis, and body systems.
  • 100% Bi-Directional capabilities.
  • ALL Body system Functions.
  • Setups and initialization function for Replacement ECUs.
  • 4 wheel & Electric steering Functions for wheel Alignment service.
  • Anti Theft Diagnostics.
  • Full TPMS functionality.
  • Enhanced diagnostics on GMLAN (CAN) vehicles with CANdI module.
  • Programming and setups for all Modules.
  • Additional coverage also available for SAAB, Suzuki, and lsuzu. Requires additional 32MB card(s).
  • Re-Flashing of Control Modules requires an ACDelco "Service Programming Subscription" which provides vehicle specific calibration download files.  Click here to go to the ACDelco website.


  • GM Tech 2 Scan Tool
  • CANdi Module
  • 32MB Memory Card
  • RS232/IP Self Test Adapter
  • DLC Cable
  • DLC Loopback Adapter
  • SAE 16/19 OBD 2 DLC Adapter
  • RJ45/DB9S Adapter
  • 12V Power Supply
  • RS232C Cable(Unshielded)

The Complete GM Solution:

  • The Tech has been an essential tool in General Motors dealerships worldwide since 1997. Now you can put the same dealer software in your shop. When your business depends on maximum productivity, don’t settle for anything less.

Complete Solution Components:


  • Authentic GM software coverage from model year 1992 to current
  • Covers all powertrain, chassis, and body systems
  • Enhanced diagnostics on GMLAN (CAN) vehicles with optional CANdi module
  • Patented bi-directional control testing
  • PCMCIA Slots: Reprogrammable PCMCIA card contains application software, updated through a PC.
  • RS232 Serial Port:  Connects to a PC, enabling all AC Delco TIS applications.
  • Custom Graphics Display - High visibility backlit LCD screen displays up to 9 PIDs, including custom lists, line graph mode, and hot key access.
  • Technician-Friendly Design - Adjustable hand straps facilitate one-handed operation.
  • Logical Keypad - 9-key hydrocarbon-resistant membrane keypad for easy, logical tester navigation.
  • Vehicle Serial Data Link - Connects to vehicle DLC and supports GM OBDI, OBDII and GMLAN protocol

Tech 2 Functional Highlights:

OEM Scan Tool - The same diagnostic capabilities as the Dealership  CANdi Module for 2003 & later vehicles utilizing Low Speed and High Speed CAN communications.

ALL Body System Functions - Setups and initialization function for Replacement ECUs 4 Wheel & Electric Steering Functions for Wheel Alignment Service Anti Theft Diagnostics Full TPMS functionality

Professional Factory Scan Tool for…

  • General Motors 1997 – Present (Covers back to 1992)
  • Hummer
  • SAAB*
  • Suzuki*
  • Isuzu*

*additional 32MB card(s) required

Class 2 Message Monitor - Displays, in real time, the sleep/awake status of ECUs on the network. Sleep and Ping commands may be sent to individual ECUs or the whole network. Perfect for battery drain problems or communication errors.

Power Mode - Power Mode is a communication with the Gateway Module showing the status of the ignition key. An important part of General Motors Diagnostic Circuit Test.

  • Ignition Switch Diagnostics (Common)
  • General Motor’s Diagnostic Circuit Check
  • First step in No Crank/ No Start

Program Key Fobs
Key Fobs are often lost, dropped in water or just quit working. Replacements must be ―learned to the vehicle. The Tech 2 allows you to offer this service to your customers.

Setup New BCM
Several General Motors cars and light trucks require replacement body modules to be setup using a scan tool. This is different than flash programming because the module is already programmed. It MUST be configured for the vehicle where it will be installed. The BCM will NOT function without a configuration setup using the Tech 2. This is a Tech 2 only function.

Vehicle Option Configuration
Change vehicle option setting for your customers such as

  • Automatic door locks
  • Horn chirps
  • Daylight running lamps

4 Wheel Steering/Alignment
4 Wheel steering systems require a scan tool and the Learn Alignment procedure. Don‘t ship your alignment services to the dealer.
The Tech 2 will prompt you to turn the wheel a full 90 degrees in each direction and then center and hold. If this is not done, a false DTC will set for the Steering Wheel Position Sensor.

Manufacturer: OTC / SPX
Warranty: 1 Year Factory OTC
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