OTC Magnetic Induction Body Metal Heater (Trim Removal Tool)
OTC Magnetic Induction Body Metal Heater (Trim Removal Tool)

OTC Magnetic Induction Body Metal Heater (Trim Removal Tool)

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OTC Magnetic Induction Body Metal Heater (Trim Removal Tool)
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OTC 6650 Magnetic Induction Heater

Only heats metal objects, enabling it to be used in or near heat-sensitive areas.

  • Every technician knows the hardest and most time consuming job in the repair process is parts removal — especially on vehicles with stubborn
    rust- caked bolts, fasteners and bonded components.
  • With the OTC 6650 Magnetic Induction Heater, technicians can quickly and easily perform damage-free parts removal of all metal parts that can’t easily be accomplished with flame or other radiant heat sources.
  • With an available power rating of 1500 watts, the OTC 6650 is ideal for mechanical repair, auto body repair and recycling facilities. It produces heat in seconds within metal objects such as body panels, nuts, bolts and pinch-weld areas behind glass—without heating or damaging non-metallic objects such as glass, paint or plastic.
  • Fast, effortless removal of glass, emblems, bonded body components, rusty bolts and much more.
  • Flameless heat reduces the need for torches, solvents and abrasives.
  • Less fl ame and solvents reduces potential safety hazards and insurance rates.
  • Only heats metal objects, enabling it to be used in or near heat-sensitive areas.
  • Wide range of heating inductors for increased versatility.
  • Easy-to-read heat output meter to quickly verify induction heat.
  • Output isolation transformer provides the safest possible operation.
  • CE approval with UL compliance offers proof of OTC 6650 quality construction and safety design.


  • This versatile inductor also removes core support labels and VIN tags without damage.
  • The bolt and glass inductors are molded using an impact-resistant, fl ame retardant polymer, and molded-in waterproof cord grip prevents HF cable from being pulled from the heating attachment.
  • The body inductor edges are surged and interior is silicone coated to improve water resistance and eliminate fraying.
  • Power supply has a remote start/stop input receptacle for connecting foot switch or other alternative devices.
  • The OTC 6650 has a durable 8-foot long foot switch constructed from impact-resistant thermal plastic and includes a circular quick disconnect for easy, convenient servicing and storage.


  • The bolt inductor produces concentrated heat in a small area for a multitude of applications. It produces temperatures in excess of 1400º F in just seconds.
  • This concentrated heat is ideal for the heating and easy removal of seized fasteners and can also be used to remove caulk and seam sealer.


  • The glass inductor produces heat in a 1" x 4" area, which is ideal for heating channels behind glass components. This inductor achieves a channel temperature of 350º F in about 30 seconds and easily accesses areas normal glass removal tools can’t.
  • Great for encapsulated window adhesive, bonded body panels, spray-in bedliners
  • The glass inductor can also be used to fully cure high-build primers in just seconds, allowing them to be block-sanded quickly and efficiently, saving both labor time and abrasive costs.


  • The body inductor produces mild heat in fl at or contoured body panels for the removal of moldings, pin stripes and vinyl graphics.
  • The flexible, heat-resistant fiberglass blanket conforms to most body contours and includes a hand-strap for easy manipulation


Cabinet Size: 9.00" W x 14" L x 8.5" H
Input Voltage: 110 Vac: 60 Hz 1 Phase
Input Current: 15 Amps
Output (maximum values to induction coil) Power: 1500 Watts
Voltage: 400 Vrms 45-60KHz 1 Phase
Current: 50 Amps .14 P.F. Minimum
Cooling Forced air cooling via internal cooling fans
Operating Temperature: 125° F/ 52° C Max


For increased versatility, these accessories can be purchased separately and used with the OTC 6650 Magnetic Induction Heater:

543036 – Hail Dent Inductor
545057-Frame Heater
546552-magnetic induction Heater Cart

The OTC 6650 package comes with bolt inductor (542936), glass inductor (542937), body inductor (542938), foot switch (543055) and instructional CD. All inductors, with exception of the body inductor, are encapsulated in a flame-retardant polymer which provides protection against impact, abrasion, heat or other accidental damage. All inductors have an electrical interlock.

Manufacturer: OTC / SPC Corporation
Warranty: 30 Days from Purchase
Dimensions: 18.5 x 18 x 17 inches
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