The Ultimate Circuit Tester Power Probe 2 w/Accessory Kit
The Ultimate Circuit Tester Power Probe 2 w/Accessory Kit

The Ultimate Circuit Tester Power Probe 2 w/Accessory Kit

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The Ultimate Circuit Tester Power Probe 2 w/Accessory Kit
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What's better about the NEW Power Probe 2?

  • The Audio tone is louder and easier to hear. The Audio tone now indicates polarity, by using CONSTANT tones for both positive and negative.
  • (The PULSING tone which used to indicate negative has been eliminated) The new tone indications are as follows:
  • Positive is indicated by a HIGHER pitched tone and Negative is indicated by a LOWER pitched tone. The advantage is that you can hear a CRACKLING sound in the tone, if by wiggling a contact, is not making a good connection.
  • The Audio tone can now be turned off. The benefit of silencing the tone allows you to listen to a component while activating it with the Power Probe 2.
  • Seeing in dark places just got better because the NEW Power Probe 2 now has 2 bright white LEDs instead of just one
  • The Housing is now sleeker and fits in the hand better. RED / GREEN LED polarity indicator.
  • Other than the great improvements, the Power Probe still gives you the same benefits as before..
  • Activate electrical components such as cooling fan motors, window regulator motors, lights, relays etc.
  • Short circuit protected Continuity testing quick and easy Tests for short circuits for bad grounds
  • 20 foot long lead Quick. Self-test. Durable Xenoy housing

Power Probe Advantages:

  • Test the complete electrical system quicker and easier, without constantly searching for a ground hook-up.
  • Test polarity instantly with the red/green LED indicator, without reconnecting ground hook-up clip.
  • Activate electrical components instantly: Cooling fan motors Relays, Windows lift motors-Lamps, Electrical fuel pumps etc. without connecting jumping wires.
  • Short circuit protected
  • Continuity testing quick and easy: Switches, Fuses, Relays, Wiring harnesses, Diodes without searching for a continuity tester.
  • Locate short circuits fast, without wasting precious fuses.
  • Find bad ground contacts quickly, without voltage drop tests.
  • Quick self test with the Power Switch, without running to the battery to check the tester.
  • Durable plastic housing
  • All replacement parts available
  • 1 Year Warranty

Continuity testing

  • Green indication = continuity
  • Fuse
  • Relay
  • Switch
  • Diode
  • Wiring harness

Polarity Testing:

  • Polarity testing without reconnecting hook-ups clips
  • Red indication is positive circuit
  • Green indication is negative circuit
  • No indication open circuit

Switch Functions

Power Switch not pressed: Polarity test

Power Switch pressed forward: Positive voltage at probe

Power Switch pressed rearward: Ground or negative voltage at probe

Activate electrical components without jumping wires

Pos. voltage at probe-Press switch forward

Activate cooling fan motors, electric fuel pumps, window lift motors etc.

Additional Features:

Better Feel

Stronger Housing

Stronger Circuit Breaker

Brighter LED

Easier Reset

20 Ft Cable Standard Length (up to 75 ft available)

Power Switch

Hook-Up Clips

Circuit Breaker Reset

Neg. Auxiliary Lead (Ground)

LED-Indicator Red and Green Probe

Accessory Kit Included with Power Probe 2

  • The cigarette lighter adapter enables you to conveniently plug your Power Probe into a 12 volt cigarette lighter socket. Sometimes this is necessary when the vehicle's battery is inaccessible.
  • The 8 inch tip, screws into the front of your Power Probe and gives you extra reach for getting into tight places. Or if you like to keep your Power Probe tip sharp, it gives you plenty of material to sharpen before it becomes a short stub.
  • The 20 foot extension lead gives your Power Probe the extra length you need for working on trucks, trailers or motor homes. Since the original length of the Power Probe cable is 20 feet the 20 foot extension lead expands your reach to 40 feet. Just disconnect the battery hook-up clips and connect the extension cable directly onto the Power Probe cable. Then attach the battery hook-up clips onto the other end of the extension cable
  • The blowmolded plastic case has plenty of room inside to keep your Power Probe and all the accessories neatly packed away. For more information about these cool accessories, just ask your tool dealer.
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