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AutoXray tool and PC software update information

The latest tool software version is included in the PC software update. Update your PC software (PC-Link/EZ-PC/EZ-Update) to the latest version using the EZ Web Update link below. PC-Link users will be upgraded to EZ-PC free of charge.

The newest tool software version is 2.40, and is available for both 2 line (EZ-Link and EZ-Read) tools as well as 8 line (for EZ-Scan). These files are named (2-line display) and (8-line display) and are included with the PC software update outlined below.

To update PC-Link/EZ-PC/EZ-Update to the latest version (version 3.0):
The web update is free of charge. To update an existing EZ-PC or EZ-Update application, or to upgrade your PC-Link application to EZ-PC, follow the below update instructions:
  1. Click the Update to Latest Version link below.
  2. When prompted to Open, Run, or Save the EZWebUpdate.exe file, select Open or Run.
  3. Follow the EZ Web Update Wizard instructions to update an existing application(s).
Note: The PC-Link application is being replaced with EZ-PC since it's compatible with all of AutoXray's latest technology.

Update to Latest Version of EZ-PC/EZ-Update Application

To update your EZ-Link/EZ-Scan/EZ-Read tool to the latest version (2.40):
Thescanner updates are free of charge, however the EZ-PC or EZ-Update PC application is required to update a scanner to the latest version. To update a scanner to the latest version, follow the below update instructions:

  1. You must complete the EZ Web Update outlined above. This will ensure that the and files are in the EZ-PC/issue or EZ-Update/issue directory.
  2. Launch EZ-PC or EZ-Update.
  3. Select the "ToolLink->Upload new tool software release" menu item.
  4. Select the appropriate update file ( for EZ-Link and EZ-Read 2-line tools, or for EZ-Scan 8-line tools) from the drop-list.
  5. Enter the serial number of the scanner (either on the back of the scanner or underneath the batteries in the battery compartment).
  6. Select the appropriate COM port (use Auto-detect if you are unsure).
  7. Connect the 9-pin serial cable into the PC, and connect the other cable into the port on the top of the tool.
  8. Power on the scanner, press CONFIG then arrow down to DOWNLOAD and press ENTER. Press ENTER to confirm. On some tools, the display will read 'Downloading, please wait', and on others the display will be blank.
  9. Click the UPDATE button and follow the onscreen messages.

Update to Latest Version of EZ-Scan/EZ-Read/EZ-Link

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