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AutoXray Scanners are the next generation of auto diagnostic scanners and readers available today. Automotive diagnostic tools are your solution to knowing what your cars check engine light is trying to tell you. Release the information stored in your cars computer with the Auto-Xray line of OBD 1 and OBD 2 Code Readers, Scan Tools, Cables, Connectors & Accessories. The newest addition to the line is the TechScan 7000 bilingual scan tool that has expansion cars for enhanced coverage of Honda, Nissan, Toyota and domestic ABS systems.

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EZ-SCAN 5100 SPANISH - OBD I & II Code Scanner (SKU: 5100)EZ-SCAN 5100 SPANISH - OBD I & II Code Scanner (SKU: 5100)For Spanish-speaking technicians. The EZ-Scan 5100 is an OBD I and OBD II scanner with (CAN) protocol, manufacturer specific codes, freeze frame display & frame capture, readiness test display, upgradeable.
EZ-CHARGE 200: Analyzes Battery Condition, Voltage & Available Power (SKU: 200)EZ-CHARGE 200: Analyzes Battery Condition, Voltage & Available Power (SKU: 200)Simply plug in to your Auto Xray scanner and discover the battery condition, voltage and available power!
How To Use Automotive Diagnostic Scanners (SKU: 0760347735)How To Use Automotive Diagnostic Scanners (SKU: 0760347735)How To Use Automotive Diagnostic Scanners, 2016 Edition

What is the difference between a Code Reader and a Scan tool? Readers and Scan tools both display vehicle computer fault (MIL) codes with descriptions. Scan tools have the additional function of providing real-time component voltage and current outputs. Some examples of these components are: 02 Sensors, Fuel Injectors, Throttle Position Sensors, and Transmission Sensors.

What is the difference between OBD I & OBD II (On-Board Diagnostic I & II)? OBD I covers: Ford and Chrysler vehicles 1983-1995, Jeep vehicles 1991-1995, and GM vehicles 1982-1995. Import vehicles used manufacturer specific connectors and software prior to 1996. OBD II covers all vehicles 1996-present.

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