Drivers-Seat Diagnostics (DSD) System Online Subscription by Delphi-ISS
Drivers-Seat Diagnostics (DSD) System Online Subscription by Delphi-ISS

Drivers-Seat Diagnostics (DSD) System Online Subscription by Delphi-ISS

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Drivers-Seat Diagnostics (DSD) System Online Subscription by Delphi-ISS
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"We've cut our diagnostic times quite a bit because of the way this diagnostic system is laid out. The amperage based diagnostics really allows you to get in a system, isolate a system, and formulate a diagnostic decision fairly easily." Kevin Fitzpatrick, Plandome Service, Manhasset NY

Today's vehicles contain over 1.5 miles of wiring and thousands of connection points. Can you use some help identifying the one bad wire or electrical component in the system? We can show you how!

Diagnostic Experts agree the best way to test a system or individual circuit is while it is "in place". The problem is, for this process to be effective you need "known good" amperage values to compare the actual values to. The Delphi DSD "Known Good" database tables makes this possible. We researched every vehicle platform and baselined the known good amperage values of the entire vehicle electrical system. The DSD Process guides you to a diagnosis as quickly as possible.

Typical Instrument Panel Wiring Harness

We have even taken it on step further: When a component is suspect, simply insert the included Substitute Load Tool in place of the suspect component. Using the included Amperage Calculator, you'll quickly validate the rest of the electrical system, so you KNOW the part that you are ordering is the right one. If you need help at any time, call Delphi's DirecTech Hotline for personal technical support regarding your vehicle problem.

The most current OEM Technical Service Bulletins for all domestic & import brands are also included with this product.

Delphi Substitute Load Tool

If you know how a system works, it's easy to identify when it's not working properly. However, there are many interrelated systems on the modern automobile. Most diagnostic methods in use today isolate the suspect circuit in an intrusive process that is time consuming, inconclusive and even misleading. And typical diagnosis processes vary among vehicle manufacturers even though the system operation is nearly identical! Finding the actual "problem system" can be a complicated and confusing process. Delphi's "Common Process" approach to system diagnostics allows you to use a proven, consistent method to diagnose any electrical circuit on any make and model of vehicle!

Delphi's Exclusive Guided Diagnostic Mode

Feature Benefit
Delphi Proprietary, Validated Data Real world information, taken straight from known good vehicles takes the guess-work out.
Eliminate Power Feed and Ground Fault Problems Quickly. Let the amperage readings lead the way, quickly eliminate common electrical problems that could be masking an actual good component.
Test the vehicle in its natural state. Don't create of eliminate problems be disconnecting components or back-probing wires, validate the vehicles problem exactly the way it came in, saving time.
Rule out wiring, bulkhead connections and component connectors - before targeting the component itself. Quickly eliminate (or target) 90% of the circuit your dealing with - save time and eliminate comebacks!
Verify correct system operation using the Delphi Substitute Load Tool. One last certification of a faulty component - ensure your first repair is the right one!
Common Diagnostic Process. Doen't matter what brand of vehicle your working on or what the OE procedures are - using DSD you'll diagnose each vehicles electrical system in the same way.

DSD Online Subscription Includes:
  • Substitute Load Tool (Shown Above)
  • Driver's Seat Diagnostics 1 Year Subscription
  • Technical Service Bulletin Access - 1 Year
  • DirecTech Hotline Subscription - 1 Year (30 min/month)
  • Training Manual

Delphi's Path of Current Flow Diagram

Available as a stand-alone diagnostic tool or as part of Delphi s advanced DS800 Smart Service System.

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