How To Swap LS Engines Into Chevelles & GM A-Bodies
How To Swap LS Engines Into Chevelles & GM A-Bodies

How To Swap LS Engines Into Chevelles & GM A-Bodies

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How To Swap LS Engines Into Chevelles & GM A-Bodies
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Chapter 1: Modern V-8 Masterpieces: The LS- and LT-Series Engine 
Gen III: A Revolution in V-8 Performance 
Gen IV: Improving the Legend 
Gen V: The LT-Series 
Engine Swap Projects 
Performance Project: The “Take-Out” Procedure for a Vortec 5.3-Liter Salvage Yard Engine 

Chapter 2: Motor Mounts 
Chevy Adapter Mounts for the A-Body 
LS Frame Stands 
Transmission Mounts 
Performance Project: Choosing a Driveline 

Chapter 3: Oil Pans, Pan Modifications and Aftermarket Offerings 
Stock Oil Pans 
Gen V Oil Pans 
Aftermarket Gen III/IV Oil Pans 
Performance Project: Modifying a Crossmember for Oil Pan Clearance 

Chapter 4: Accessory Drives and Cooling Systems 
LT Engine Series 
Vehicle Fitment with Stock Accessory Drives 
Aftermarket Drives 
Cooling Systems 
Performance Project: Adding Power Steering to a 2014-up LT-Series Engine 

Chapter 5: Transmissions 
Automatic Transmissions 
Manual Transmissions 
Performance Project: 3- to 4-Speed Floor Shifter Conversion 
Performance Project: Fitting an Early T56 to an LS Engine 
Clutch Basics 

Chapter 6: Wiring Harnesses and Wiring 
Take-Out Harnesses 
Cam Sensor Locations 
Connectors for 1997–1998 LS1 Engines 
Relays for 1997–1998 LS1 Engines 
Connectors for 1999–2002 LS1 Engines 
Relays for 1999–2002 LS1 Engines 
2009-up LS3 ECM Connector Pinouts 
LS3 Factory ECM Pinouts 
2014-up LT1 ECM Connector Pinouts 
Aftermarket Harnesses 
Performance Project: Drive-by-Wire to Drive-by-Cable Conversion 

Chapter 7: Engine Management Systems, Tuning Software and Controllers 
Aftermarket Tuning Packages 
Aftermarket Engine Management 
Performance Project: Installing an Aftermarket Transmission Controller 

Chapter 8: Fuel System 
Fuel Pumps 
Inline Fuel Pumps 
Performance Project: Installing a Phantom Pump System 

Chapter 9: Exhaust System 
Exhaust Manifolds 
Catalytic Converters 
Air Intake 
Performance Project: Installing a Pypes Exhaust System 
Performance Project: How to Properly Dimple Headers
Publisher: TechBooks, Inc.
Paperback: 144 pages 419 Color Illustrations
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.0 x 0.3 inches
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