DPA-5 Heavy Truck Code Reader Software w/ 6, 9 & 16-Pin DataLink Adapter (J2534 Flash Capable)
DPA-5 Heavy Truck Code Reader Software w/ 6, 9 & 16-Pin DataLink Adapter (J2534 Flash Capable)

DPA-5 Heavy Truck Code Reader Software w/ 6, 9 & 16-Pin DataLink Adapter (J2534 Flash Capable)

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DPA-5 Heavy Truck Code Reader Software w/ 6, 9 & 16-Pin DataLink Adapter (J2534 Flash Capable)
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Commercial Vehicle and Automotive Diagnostics and Reprogramming in One Tool

The DPA-5 is the fastest, most rugged and most reliable Heavy Truck Dual CAN RP1210/J2534 compliant Vehicle Datalink Adapter available for Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks.

  • Comes with a 2-year warranty with purchase options for up to 4-years.
  • Patented screw-in USB cable keeps you from constantly repairing/replacing your adapter.
  • Includes Class I (long range) Bluetooth dongle (IOGear GBU321).
  • Supports OEM RP1210 and J2534 diagnostic/reflashing applications.
  • Includes DG Diagnostics, a heavy-duty diagnostic software package!
  • Includes Adapter Validation Tool (AVT) Software

    Heavy Truck RP1210 OEM Diagnostic Software Compatibility

    • The DPA 5 is RP1210A compliant and works with RP1210A compliant vehicles.
    • Validated and tested against the following OEM and component applications:
    International InTune Bendix ACOM International Master Diagnostics
    Caterpillar Electronic Technician
    International ServiceMaxx
    Cummins Insite
    Mack VCADS/PTT
    Meritor-WABCO Toolbox Mitchell1 RepairConnect
    Dana Diagnostic Tool Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link
    Vansco VMMS
    Eaton ServiceRanger Detroit Diesel Reprogramming Station ZF-Meritor TransSoft
    Freightliner ServiceLink International Diamond Logic Builder

    J2534 OEM Diagnostic Software Compatibility

    • The DPA 5 is a J2534 pass-through-device and is able to reprogram all CAN/ISO15765 vehicles
    • Including GM vehicles using the J1850 Variable Pulse Width (VPW) protocol
    • Or other vehicles using the DPA 5 J2534-supported protocols (i.e. ISO9141/KWP2000).
    General Motors TIS2Web Chrysler New J2534 Application Toyota TIS (Technical Information System)
    Honda Service Express Mazda Module Programming (MMP) Kia J2534 KMA
    Hyundai 2534 HMA Volkswagen Erwin Audi Erwin
    Nissan J2534 ECU Reprog Software (NERS) RA Consulting Silver Scan Tool

    The DPA 5 kit with Dual-CAN and Bluetooth support. Includes Class I (long range) Bluetooth dongle (IOGear GBU321).  Please Note: The DPA 5 is NOT a direct replacement for the CNH DPA5.

  • The new functionality allows technicians to quickly access all vehicle information on all light medium & heavy-duty vehicles with an OBDII Adapter (not included) or DPA-5 Adapter (included).
  • No need for additional and expensive software, its included FREE with this DPA5 9-Pin DataLink Adapter.
  • This software displays all DTC information, parameters, and monitors (including emissions) based on the SAE RP1210, SAE J2534, SAE J1979 and SAE J2012 standards.
  • Provides live streaming data on RP1210, J2534, J1850 & OBD-II parameters
  • Heavy Truck Coverage: Interational, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes, Freightliner, ZF, Mack, Meritor, Eaton, Bendiz, Dana, Eaton
  • Medium Duty Truck Coverage: UD, Hino, MB Sprinter, GMC, Ford
  • Car & Light Duty trucks Covered:  All Makes & Models sold in the USA
The OBDII functionality allows service bay technicians to quickly diagnose vehicle health issues and provides reporting capability for communicating with the customer in a timely fashion.

Generic Diagnostic Applications Provide:
Click the links below to access application screenshots

  • Display Diagnositic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and DTC Freeze Frame Data
    • Displays all three types of OBDII emissions related DTCs (Active, Pending, Permanent/Confirmed).
    • Converts the DTC into text form per the SAE J2012 standard.
    • Allows clearing of DTCs and emissions-related monitor information.
  • Monitor all OBD-II Parameters an ECM supports, Engine Speed, Engine RPM, Temperatures, Pressures, Etc.
  • Display Vehicle Information, VIN, Calibration ID (CALID), Calibration Verification Numbers (CVNs).
  • Display OBD Monitors supported and their status Including which OBD requirements a vehicle is certified to.
  • Display Test Results of OBD Monitors
  • Reporting ("Vehicle Jacket") Capability
    • Produces a user friendly HTML report  about the vehicle health

We are always accepting customer feedback. If you would like to see something in DG Diagnostics that has not been implemented, please call us at (989) 839-4877 with your request.

An application with vehicle network analysis and interaction functionality on in-vehicle network systems allowing network communications for CAN frames enabling monitor, transmit, and receive capability.


Source Development Kit (SDK) allows program developers to quickly use J2534 API functions to establish network communication programs in support of network design and development.

Manufacturer: DG Technologies, Inc.
Warranty: 2 Year Factory DG Technologies, Inc.
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