Equus 3145 Ford Digital Code Reader
Equus 3145 Ford Digital Code Reader

Equus 3145 Ford Digital Code Reader

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Equus 3145 Ford Digital Code Reader
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This digital code reader is a diagnostic tool that is specially designed to work with your vehicle's test connector to communicate with MCU and EEC-IV computers. It uses electronics designed to retrieve engine and transmission diagnostic trouble codes from the vehicle's computer but does not generate codes. The code reader serves as a key that links to and opens communication with the vehicle's computer to prompt the computer to perform self tests and to receive test results or retrieve codes.


  • Easy-to-view digital display shows numeric trouble codes and eliminates the need to count flashes
  • Compatible only with MCU and the EEC-IV computer control systems
  • Accesses the on-board computer to read engine codes and perform self test functions memory
  • Stores codes even when the reader is unplugged
  • Instructions on OBD I operation and all Ford self tests

Ford Cars Covered:

  • 1981 2.3L (VIN A only), 4.2L (VIN D only), 5.0L MCU (except Cal., Mark IV and Town Car), 5.8L (except Cal., Mark IV and Town Car)
  • 1982 2.3L, 3.8L (Cal. only), 4.2L, 5.0L (except Cal., MCU Mark IV and Town Car), 5.8L (except Cal., Mark IV and Town Car)
  • 1983 2.3L (VIN A only1), 5.0L (carbureted only, MCU excluding Cal.), 5.8L (except Mark VI and Town Car) 1.6L (except carbureted), 2.3L (VIN R, J, 5 EEC-IV only), 5.0L (Mark VI and Town Car only)
  • 1984, 85 5.0L (carbureted only), 5.8L (carbureted only) MCU 1.6L (except carbureted), 2.3L, 3.8L, 5.0L EEC-IV (except carbureted)
  • 1986-95 5.8L (carbureted only) MCU 1.9L, 2.0L (Contour, Mystique and Probe EEC-IV manual transmission only), 2.3L, 2.5L (4 cylinder only), 3.0L, 3.2L, 3.8L (except 1994/95 Mustang), 4.6L (excluding: 1994 T-Bird/Cougar; and 1995 all models), 5.0L

Ford Trucks Covered:

  • 1981 4.9L (Cal. F-Series only) MCU
  • 1982 4.9L (Cal. Bronco, Trucks and Vans only) MCU
  • 1983 2.0L (except Cal.), 2.3L (except High Altitude MCU vehicles), 4.9L (Cal. Bronco, Trucks and Vans only)
  • 2.8L (Bronco and Ranger only) EEC-IV
Manufacturer: Innova
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