OTC3874HD Genisys EVO Deluxe Scan & Heavy Duty Kit
OTC3874HD Genisys EVO Deluxe Scan & Heavy Duty Kit

OTC3874HD Genisys EVO Deluxe Scan & Heavy Duty Kit

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OTC3874HD Genisys EVO Deluxe Scan & Heavy Duty Kit
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OTC3874HD Genisys Evo Kit Includes:

  • Genisys EVO™ System 5.0 featuring Code-Assist with OBD II Smart Cable
  • 4GB Memory Card
  • USA 2012 Domestic Software w/ ABS LOADED with Pathfinder, Repair-Trac™ and Fast fixes™
  • USA 2012 Asian Software w/ ABS LOADED
  • USA 2011 European Software w/ ABS LOADED
  • USA Domestic OEM vehicle cables (for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Saturn) for pre-OBDII
  • ABS/Air Bag Domestic vehicle-specific cables (for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Saturn) for pre-OBDII
  • InfoTech Component Information Software
  • Automated System Test™
  • Manuals and Adapters
  • Smart Cards
  • Carrying Case
  • OTC-342179 Heavy Duty Standard Software with Class 4 to Class 8 Medium/Heavy Truck Cables (see below for complete capability & vehicle coverage)
  • Free upgrade to 2013 Domestic & Asian software and 2012 European software with registration!

    NOTE: Additional OEM cables are available individually or in convenient kits - Asian OEM Cable Kit 3421-94 and European OEM Cable Kit 3421-75.

Genisys EVO Overview:

  • Four Graphs Per Screen
  • Faster Asynchronous Data Refresh
  • More Aggressive Over-Mold
  • Fresh Styling
  • On/Off Button
  • Fast Boot™ (Patent Pending)
    • Approximately 8 seconds for the new Genisys
    • Approximately 15 seconds for the Genisys Classic (3454 and earlier)
  • Quick DTC Scan™ — automatically scans for enhanced and OBD II system DTCs in seconds
  • Automated System Test™ — an extensive Health Check of enhanced vehicle controllers
  • Link from Mode 6 Items to Repair Info.
  • Link from Readiness Monitors to Drive Cycle Test Info.
  • Onboard Accessory/Cable List
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Enhanced Report Printing Options

Code-to-Fix Superiority: A faster path to fix the car that significantly reduces detective work and labor hours.

Easy Maintenance Tests Navigation: Now it’s easy to find TPMS tests on GM and other hard to find service tests. Vehicle specific tests and resets are now searchable in one menu!

Mode 6 in Plain English: Most know Ford Mode 6 misfire data is a powerful diagnostic tool.
Plain English Mode 6 helps solve intermittent failures, no-code driveability
and emissions-control issues.

Code Coverage Unmatched by the competition: Genisys leads on many of the critical tests required to service today’s cars.


  • GM - Brake Pressure Sensor Calibration, Reset Transmission Adapts, Setup New HVAC, Trans Adaptive Values Learn.
  • Ford - Reset Battery Monitor System, (now required when the battery is changed!), Power Balance and Relative Compression tests.
  • Chrysler - IAC Reset, Learn ETC, Reset Cam Crank Sync, Program Tire Size, Transmission Quick Learn and Set Pinion Factor.
  • Honda - Engine Oil Life Reset, Maintenance Item Reset, ATF Reset, Steering Angle Sensor Calibration.
  • Toyota - Zero Point Calibration/Test Mode, Tire Pressure Sensor Registration, Reset Memory and more Brake Bleeds.
  • Nissan - Reset Throttle Value Replacement Adaption, Brake Bleeds, Steering Angle Sensor Adjustment, and Zero point calibration/ test.
  • Kia - Reset Adaptive Values, TPMS Registration and ABS Bleeding. Hyundai and Kia Cam Phasers, EVAP Solenoids, Fans, Fuel Pump, Injectors, Transmission solenoids.
  • BMW - Battery Exchange Register, Brake Zeroing, Inspection/Service Interval Reset, Oil Service Reset, and Steering Angle Sensor.
  • Mercedes - Maintenance Resets, Injectors Zero Point Learn, Reset Mixture Adaptation, Reset Steering Angle Calibration, and Reset Throttle Valve Adaptation.
  • Volvo - Yaw Rate Calibration, Steering Angle Calibration,Tire Pressure Sensor Registration, and Service Light Reset.
  • Audi and Volkswagen - Output Test, Basic Settings, Controller Coding, Adaptation, and Coding II.

Superior Feature Set:

  • Exclusive TPR TPMS - not available from the competition! No manual data entry with wireless sensor registration via bluetooth and TPMS repair information. The industry’s easiest TPMS registration process.
  • Additional Options - Powerful 4-Channel Scope & 5-Gas Analyzer.
  • Time Saving Automated System Test - And the even faster All System DTC Test provide a quick Health Check
    of the vehicle.
  • On-Board Battery - Allows access to repair information when not connected to a vehicle

Direct Technician Feedback
Continues to drive the evolution in Genisys diagnostics, Genisys EVO™. As an example, technicians asked for video out for projection to a PC monitor, USB communications for use with a diagnostic workstation, asynchronous DataStream with 4 line graphs per screen to better view and analyze data in real time. Genisys EVO packages these productivity enhancements in a new aggressive design.

Genisys EVO™ featuring Code-Assist™
“Code-Assist™ provides over a million experienced-based Confirmed Fixes™ for vehicle specific, individual OBD-II Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s). Code-Assist was developed using over 3.5 Million hotline calls to the Identifix® Repair Hotline™ and the 5 Million + Direct-Hit™ uses by Identifix customers each year. Unlike the traditional list of theoretical potential causes provided by service manuals, Code-Assist supplies validated fixes for the B, C, P and U codes actually being set on vehicles and then ranks them by frequency, designating them as Top Reported Fixes, Frequently Reported Fixes and Also Reported Fixes.

Genisys System 5.0
System 5.0 is a software application and a high-speed compact 4 GB flash card containing power features that will improve the performance of all Genisys tools.

OBD II Smart Cable

Has the combined power of more than 50 System Smart Inserts.

  • Eliminates the need for many current and future System Smart Inserts.
  • Provides improved test capability and accuracy.

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Improved technician satisfaction
  • Faster diagnosis
  • More convenient
  • Higher technician productivity

Automated System Test
One button press to perform a Comprehensive Heath Test and report the data in a fraction of the time it used to take using manual, step-by-step procedures. A System Analysis Test Report summarizes findings in a new menu selectable format. This new format permits fast access to just the data you need, such as, DTC’s (generic & enhanced), Freeze Frame, Mode 6 Component Test, Mode 5 Oxygen Sensor Tests, Mode 1 Readiness Tests, and more!
For additional time savings available repair information is a button press away. Pressing Enter on critical high frequency failure DTC’s provides the technician with any available repair information for that specific vehicle.

Quick DTC Scan
One button press to perform a trouble code check of all supported vehicle systems in seconds. For technicians that want fast validation that all systems are clear of DTC’s before or following repair this is the test. Test for generic & enhanced DTC’s in seconds.

USA 2013 Domestic Software
NEW! vehicle coverage for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, and Saturn 2012 models including improved system coverage for earlier years. This OBD II Smart Cable compatible software also includes the NEW Code-Assist™ by Identifix™, Pathfinder troubleshooting with the NEW Code-Assist™, Repair-Trac™, Fast fixes™, Automated System Test™, Quick DTC Scan, Smart Card, manual, ConnecTech Reader, and the NGIS Windows-based program CD for downloading software updates.

Pathfinder Troubleshooting Information - Pathfinder troubleshooting information from 1992 to 2012 provides critical information at the technician’s fingertips. In addition to the Repair-Trac™ and Fast Fixes™ databases, repair information includes:
• Code information • Symptoms • Specifications• Data/sensor information
• TSB references • PCM connector information • Component location
Repair-Trac™ Tech Tips - As the vehicle fleet ages more pattern-failure tech tips are available. Many Domestic, Asian, and European older vehicle tips added. Repair-Trac is the largest database of known vehicle-specific fixes available to the automotive aftermarket. Only the NGIS scan tool has the diagnostic power and the largest repair database to help you work smarter. Check it out:

  • Coverage from 1969 - 2013 for USA domestic, USA Asian, & USA European
  • Aftermarket TSB’s based on info from over 2 million tech service calls
  • Get Repair-Trac from the Main Menu, Data Stream, or Trouble Code menus

Fast Fixes™ Repair Information Database - Fast Fixes is a “sister” information database to Repair-Trac. No pattern failure listed for the vehicle’s symptom? No problem. Fast Fixes data provides a vehicle-specific checklist of the most likely and most overlooked causes.
Systems covered: Engine performance • Brakes • Starting • Steering • Charging • Suspension • HVAC

USA 2013 Asian Software
NEW! vehicle coverage for Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi and more 2012 models including improved system coverage for earlier years. This OBD II Smart Cable compatible update kit also includes the NEW Code-Assist experience-based data that links to Asian 2013 when Domestic 2012 is installed. Asian 2013 includes the new Automated System Test™ and Quick DTC Scan feature. Kit includes the NGIS software CD, manual, and Smart Card.

  • TPMS bidirectional tests have been added for Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi & more. Including the ability to enter the TPMS sensor I.D & sensor initiation.
  • EVAP bidirectional tests have been added for Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Hyundai and Kia.
  • Approximately 500 vehicles, 4000 systems and over 500 bidirectional tests are added for 2013 and earlier vehicles.
  • Asian Pathfinder Troubleshooter to include Data / Sensor Info for Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Nissan, Infinity, Honda, Acura, Mazda, Mitsubishi & more!
  • Enhanced Hyundai coverage 1989 – 2013 and Kia 1994 – 2013.
  • Honda licensed OEM data coverage includes engine, transmission, ABS, air bag, tire pressure monitor, and more body and chassis systems.
  • Expanded enhanced Toyota to 2013 including OBD I, 1995 and older coverage.

USA 2013 ABS/Airbag Software

  • Expanded coverage for USA Domestic, USA Asian through 2013 and USA European through 2012 model year.
  • New TPMS Quick Reference Information provides system specific test procedures.
  • This is the kit you need if you are a Genisys™ owner wanting to add data stream, bi-directional testing, fault codes and Pathfinder ABS troubleshooting.
  • Note: ABS/Airbag Cables are sold separately.

InfoTech 2006 Software
InfoTech 2006 software provides the key information to take a vehicle-specific symptom or fault code to a fast and accurate repair.

Features and Benefits:

  • Domestic, Asian, & European vehicle coverage for vehicles on the road
  • Engine, transmission, & ABS systems covered.
  • Asian and European coverage added for component wiring, circuit descriptions, component and control module locations.
  • Vehicle System Test (multiple charging, fuel, and ignition tests)
  • Engine Specifications
  • Functional Tests
  • Circuit Description
  • Component Locations
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Connector Information
  • Component Specifications
  • Reference Waveforms
  • Oil Light Reset Procedures
  • Current Ramping Tests
  • Transducer Tests

Heavy Duty Standard Kit:

  • Class 4 – Class 8 truck coverage.
  • HD J1587 / J1708 and J1939 CAN, Engine, Transmission/ABS coverage
    and more!
  • Live vehicle data such as:
    • Engine speed
    • Engine ECU temperature
    • ECU temperature
    • Percent acceleration pedal position
    • Engine intercooler temperature
    • Engine coolant temperature
    • Battery volts
    • Alternator volts
    • Ambient air temperature
    • Air inlet temperature
  • View and clear diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Windows PC software.
  • Includes: 9-pin Deutsch cable, 6-pin Deutsch cable, one system smart
    insert, one heavy-duty Smart Card and PC software CD.
    Tow trucks, recreational vehicles, cement trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, buses, step vans, municipal vehicles, refrigerated trucks, and conventional trucks.
    Supported Manufacturers Include:
    Mac Trucks, GM, GMC, Freightliner, Ford, Kenworth, Peterbilt, International, Volvo and more medium and heavy-duty vehicles.
    Transmission and ABS Systems Include:
    Bendix, Detroit, Eaton, Meritor WABCO, Caterpillar, Cummings, Allison, etc.

The 9-pin Deutsch cable supports J1708 and J1939 CAN protocols. Both  protocols can be used on the same truck! The 6-pin Deutsch cable only supports J1587 / J1708.

Category Class GVWR2 Representative Vehicles
Representative Vehicles
4 62 - 71 kN
(14,001 - 16,000 lbs.)


city cargo van, beverage delivery truck, wrecker, school bus



5 71 - 87 kN
(16,001 - 19,500 lbs.)
6 87 - 116 kN
(19,501 - 26,000 lbs.)
7 116 - 147 kN
(26,001 - 33,000 lbs.)
8 147 kN and over
(33,00 lbs. and over)

truck tractor, concrete mixer, dump truck, fire truck, city transit bus

How Does the Genisys Compare to the Pegisys?

Manufacturer: OTC/SPX Corp.
Warranty: 1 Year Factory OTC
Dimensions: 26.25 x 9.13 x 15.7 inches
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