RobinAir AC1234-6, 1234YF Standard and Hybrid A/C Recovery Machine Fully Automatic RRR
RobinAir AC1234-6, 1234YF Standard and Hybrid A/C Recovery Machine Fully Automatic RRR

RobinAir AC1234-6, 1234YF Standard and Hybrid A/C Recovery Machine Fully Automatic RRR

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RobinAir AC1234-6, 1234YF Standard and Hybrid A/C Recovery Machine Fully Automatic RRR
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R134a, the automotive refrigerant used in most cars & trucks today, will be replaced by the refrigerant, R-1234yf. In 2012, vehicles with air conditioning systems running on R-1234yf refrigerant started to be sold in the USA.  This new refrigerant is now found  in many passenger cars, so a new refrigerant recovery machine is needed to service both R-134a and R-1234yf equipped vehicles.

Robinair AC1234-6

  • The next generation in air conditioning servicing
  • Designed with the end user in mind
  • Compatible with hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Developed in conjunction with car manufacturers, this unit meets the highest standards in performance, safety and efficiency.
  • Working with a global engineering team, Robinair has brought all its experience to bear in this unit, offering all the essentials that the market dictates a unit should have.
  • Operator can select from more than 20 languages.  This unit can be used worldwide.

This ensures that HFO-1234yf based air conditioning systems are serviced in the most efficient and most reliable way possible, giving you peace of mind.


  • Designed to be intrinsically safe; it will only operate after having successfully completed a thorough self-check.
  • Designed to minimize refrigerant vapor emissions during operation, reducing flamability risk.
  • Fully Automatic Operation eliminates any guess work
  • Compliant with CE and SAE standards – including the tough SAE J2843
  • Designed to use only one regrigerant gas at a time, eliminating the possiblity of co-mingling gasses
  • Integral refrigerant identifier.  Some vehicle manufacturers are making it a requirement that their dealers HFO-1234yf service station contains a refrigerant identifier. The refrigerant identifier built
    into the AC1234-6 unit meets the VDA specification.
  • At a command from the machine, the identifier will receive a sample of the refrigerant from the system and analyze it, giving a pass or fail signal. If the fail signal is given, the unit will prevent itself
    from recovering any more refrigerant from the vehicle.
  • Verified by well-regarded independent testing agency TUV.  Also achieved VDA approval.
  • Independent oil (PAG and POE) and UV dye injection systems ensure that there is no cross contamination of lubricants and the unit is fully compatible with the growing hybrid and electric vehicle market.

Save Time and Money

  • The ROB-AC1234-6 Recovers an amazing 95% of the refrigerant in a typical automotive A/C system.
  • Fully Automatic Operation speeds job completion and prevents error-prone manual processes
  • Electronic scales accurately measures, refrigerant, refrigerant oil and any dyes required
  • Service time can be reduced by 20 minutes compared to a standard unit
  • Maximum accuracy during recovery – minimising waste and refrigerant costs
  • Built-in printer to aid upselling and record keeping
User Benefits
  • Large Color LCD display presents clear information to the user
  • A touch pad, mounted below the LCD screen allows the operator to key in all information and select recovery options
  • Gauges: Large and readable 100 mm, class 1, EN837 gauges to check A/C system pressure
  • With electronic scales ensuring accurate and efficient recovery and injection, introducing lubricants into the A/C system has never been as easy thanks to newly designed magnetic connectors, making the bottles easily accessible at all times.
  • Oil/UV dye injection bottles are easily accessible, thanks to magnetic connections
  • A/C database – so it automatically injects exactly the right amount of refrigerant
  • Automatic UV dye injection - time-controlled release
  • Technical support: Autoclimate offers helpdesk technical support and engineering services for all Robinair refrigerant management stations.  A training video is also included with the purchase of the ROB-AC1234-6
Product Features
  • Fully automatic operation — program for service, walk away and return when complete.
  • 95% recovery efficiency
  • Programmable vacuum operation helps get to the necessary vacuum level in any condition quickly.
  • System leak test to identify gross leaks in a system
  • Charge accuracy within +/- ½ oz.
  • Automatic oil drain shows how much oil was removed from the system during service.
  • Automatic air purge removes the potential of air accumulating in the internal tank.
  • Integrated refrigerant identifier (meets SAE J2927)
  • Liquid refrigerant flushing function can flush A/C systems or individual components using liquid refrigerant instead of harsh chemicals.
  • Automatic internal tank refill. No stopping to fill the internal tank during service, or before service.
  • 1/4 Color VGA display. Large easy to read graphical display
  • On-board printer capable of printing vehicle service report slips to present to customers
  • Operating voltage - 103-127V, 60Hz AC
  • 100mm, EN837-1 pressure gauges
  • Alpha-numeric keypad with service function keys
  • 1.5 cfm dual stage vacuum pump
  • 1/3 hp hermetic compressor
  • 22 lb. ASME internal storage tank
  • USB, SD, and RJ45 I/O ports
  • 8 ft. SAE J2888 service hoses with 1234YF high and low side system couplers
  • Meets all requirements of SAE J2843

Manufacturer: RobinAir
Dimensions: 48.5 x 36 x 24 inches
Warranty: 1 Year Factory RobinAir
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