How To: Enginge Management Advanced Tuning
How To: Enginge Management Advanced Tuning

How To: Enginge Management Advanced Tuning

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How To: Enginge Management Advanced Tuning
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In Engine Management Advanced Tuning, Author Greg Banish explains the basics of engine operation to reinforce what is really going on under the hood. From there you will learn the ins and outs of modern electronic fuel injection systems and ultimately some specifics of calibration methods and horsepower production. The focus of this book is gasoline engines; however, many of the concepts can carry over to other applications.


  • Introduction
  • The Basics (4 Cycles of an Engine, Air, Fuel)
  • The Goold Ol' Days (Carburetion, Timing, Cam Timing)
  • Taking Measure (Throttle, Coolant, Air-Inlet, Manifold Surface, Mass Air Flow, Manifold Pressure, Barometric Pressure, Crank/Cam Position, Rail Pressure, System Voltage, Oxygen Sensors, Knock Sensors)
  • Outputs (Fuel Injectors, Ignition, Fuel Pump, Throttle, ETC, Idle Air Control, Runner Controls, Cam Controls, Boost Control)
  • "The Recipe" (Modeling Airflow, Mass Air Flow, Speed Density, Fuel Delivery, Picking a Ratio, Transients and Modifiers, Correction Factors)
  • Ignition
  • Data Logging
  • Getting in the Zip Code (Mass Air Flow Modeling, MAF Scaling, Speed Density Airflow Modeling, Spark Advance)
  • Settling Down (Dashpot)
  • More Power
  • Polishing a Sculpture (Integrated Fuel Maps, Spark Maps, Tip-In Ignition, Deceleration, Closing the Loop, Choosing Cam/Runner Timing, Choosing a Shift Point, Almost Done)
  • Forced Induction (Centrifugal Superchargers, Positive Displacement Superchargers, Turbochargers, Nitrous Oxide)
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix
Publisher: SA Design
Paperback: 127 pages
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.0 x 0.5 inches
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