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Mack Heavy Duty Truck Repair Manuals, Scan Tool and Diagnostic Software              If you can't find what you need or if you need more information on the Mack Heavy Duty Truck Repair Manuals, Scan Tool and Diagnostic Software products shown below please call us at (989) 839-4877.

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Mack / Volvo PTT (Premium Tech Tool) Diagnostics Software- DVD-ROM (SKU: 852112)Includes: One user license for the MACK/Volvo Premium Tech Tool (PTT) to service MACK & Volvo Trucks. Please note: Connecter Cable is sold separately.
Dell Fully Rugged XFR-D630 with Nexiq WVL2 Adapter and Mack/Volvo PTT (Premium Tech Tool) Software Preloaded! (SKU: XFR-D630-PTT)Refurbished Dell Latitude XFR-D630 Laptop
WVL2 WiFi / Cable Adapter with 6 & 9 Pin Cables
MACK/VOLVO Version 2.02.71 Premium Tech Tool Factory Software
Software Installation, Free Shipping and Insurance!
2014 Launch X431 GDS Heavy Duty Truck ScanTool + FREE eAutoRepair (SKU: X431-GDS-HD)The X431-GDS-HD is an OE Level Heavy, Medium & Light Duty Truck & Bus (Diesel) Diagnostic Scan Tool for ALL Brands of Trucks.
MACK / Volvo OBDII Engine ECU Adapter for 2013 - 2014 MACK / Volvo Heavy Trucks (SKU: 442023)Required to Diagnose 2013 & Up Volvo / Mack Engines (Engine Only)
MACK / Volvo OBDII ABS & Trans ECU Adapter for 2013 - 2014 MACK / Volvo Heavy Trucks (SKU: 443025)Required to Diagnose 2013 & Up Volvo / Mack ABS Brakes & Transmissions
Launch Medium / Heavy Duty Truck Code Reader CR-HD (SKU: CR-HD)Wireless iPhone sized Professional Scan Tool!
Refurbished D630 Dell Latitude Laptop (SKU: D630)
Refurbished XFR-D630 Fully Rugged Dell Latitude Laptop w/ Win 7 Pro (SKU: XFR-D630)
JPRO Business Class Fleet Service Kit w/DLA + PLC, with Volvo Mack Software Preloaded! (SKU: 61050-MACK)
JPRO DLA+ PLC Heavy Duty Trailer ABS Brake Kit (SKU: 12204)Works on both Trucks & Trailers. Communicate with and diagnose ABS and other PLC (J1939/J1708/J1587) devices. <br>Use J1708/J1939 & Dual CAN for the Tractors.  <br>Use the PLC Capability for the Trailers.
JPRO Heavy Duty Fleet Service Software Suite With JPRO DLA+ Vehicle Adapter Kit (SKU: 11201-12206)This kit combines part numbers 11201 and 12206. For use on trucks only, not trailers.
JPRO Fleet Service Software Bundle (Software Only) (SKU: 11201)Reads all Generic & Manufacture Codes On All Tractor Trailer Systems. Provides Standardized User Interface for All Factory Software Licenses.
JPRO Next Step Heavy Truck Troubleshooting Software (Promotion: 15 Months instead of 12) (SKU: 31138-P)Automatically access the Mitchell 1 website for Heavy Truck OEM Repair Information & Diagnostics.
JPRO OE Software Super Bundle for Diagnostic Station (SKU: 35003)For Technicians working on many different Tractors & Trailers.
Nexiq Meritor WABCO ABS Software Suite for Pro-Link iQ - CD/DVD Rom & Access Code (SKU: 888014)Meritor WABCO Software Activation Code & User Manual for the Nexiq Technologies Pro-Link iQ.
Mack / Volvo PTT (Premium Tech Tool) & JPRO Fleet Diagnostic Software Bundle- DVD-ROM (SKU: 852112-11201)Volvo / MACK Diagnostic Software bundled with Noregon JPRO Fleet Diagnostic Software.
OTC Genisys EVO Deluxe Scan Kit w/ 2013 Domestic, Asian, System 5.0 & 2012 European Software + Heavy Duty Kit (SKU: OTC3874HD)Free upgrade to 2013 Domestic & Asian software and 2012 European software with registration! Includes Heavy Duty Kit (OTC342179).
Genisys Medium / Heavy-Duty Truck Starter Kit: Software & Cables (SKU: OTC342179)
OTC-3418 Heavy Duty Truck Code Reader (SKU: OTC3418)Covers Class 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 trucks with HD J1587 / J1708 and J1939 CAN Protocol. Reads/Clears, Engine, Transmission & ABS Brake codes & displays code definitions.
Nexiq PC WVL2 - Wireless Vehicle Link 2 Heavy Truck Connector Kit (SKU: 129048)Uses your laptop's wireless Wi-Fi internet connection to communicate with the heavy truck.  Also has 15 ft. wire for wired connection.
Pro-Link Bluetooth Adapter for Wireless Connectivity (SKU: 405001)
Heavy Duty Standard Pro-Link Software 2006 (SKU: 806008)
Mack V-Mac III Pro-Link Application Card (SKU: 804011)
Nexiq Pro-Link iQ with Case and Adapters (SKU: 188001)The next generation scan tool for Heavy Duty Trucks by Nexiq Technologies. The Pro-Link Graphic iQ replaces the older Pro-Link Graphic (2006). Nexiq is committed to updating the Pro-Link Graphic iQ on an ongoing basis.
Nexiq USB Link Wireless PC to Vehicle Interface Package (SKU: 125032)Includes 15ft USB Interface Cable. Blue Tooth Wireless Capable (Requires Optional Antenna Item# MPI405001).
Medium & Heavy Duty Truck Fault Code Guide (SKU: 909008)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis Series CH-CL 2000-Older (SKU: MACKWIRE1)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis Series CX 2000-Older (SKU: MACKWIRE2)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis Series LE 2000-Older (SKU: MACKWIRE3)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis MR 2000-Older (SKU: MACKWIRE4)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis SeriesRD6, RD8, RB, DM & DMM 2000-Older (SKU: MACKWIRE5)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis Series CH-CX 2001-2002 (SKU: MACKWIRE6)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis Series CH-CX 2003-2004 (SKU: MACKWIRE7)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis Series CL 2001-2002 (SKU: MACKWIRE8)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis Series CL 2003-2004 (SKU: MACKWIRE9)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis Series CV 2001-2002 (SKU: MACKWIRE10)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis Series CV 2003-2004 (SKU: MACKWIRE11)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis Series LE 2001 (SKU: MACKWIRE12)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis Series LE 2002-2004 (SKU: MACKWIRE13)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis Series MR 2001-2002 (SKU: MACKWIRE14)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis Series MR 2003-2004 (SKU: MACKWIRE15)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis Series RB-RD-DM-DMM 2001-2002 (SKU: MACKWIRE16)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis Series RB-RD-DM 2003-2004 (SKU: MACKWIRE17)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis Series CXN-CHN 2004-2005 (SKU: MACKWIRE18)
Mack Wiring Diagram Chassis CT 2004-2005 (SKU: MACKWIRE19)
Mack Trucks Mid-Line Body Builders Guide (SKU: MLS10)
Mack Truck Mid-Liner Injection Timing Control Service Manual (SKU: MLS11201)
Mack Truck MS / CS Series Chassis Electrical Service Manual (SKU: MLS11501)
Mack Truck Mid-Liner Brake and Air System Service Manual (SKU: MLS12101)
Mack Truck Engine Overhaul Manual 06.02.12 (SKU: MLS2)
Mack Truck Engine Model 06.20.30 Overhaul Manual (SKU: MLS2101)
Mack Trucks MIDR 06.20.45 Engine Service Manual (SKU: MLS23)
Mack Truck Engine Service Manual MIDR 06.02.26 (SKU: MLS24)
Mack Trucks Clutch Service Manual - CS/MS Chassis (SKU: MLS4)
Mack Truck Mid-Liner Clutch Service - MS/CS Chassis (SKU: MLS40)
Mack Truck Mid-Liner Transmissions: BDSL 2142, BDSL 2152 - 5 Speed, BDSL 205R - 10 Speed (SKU: MLS51)
Mack Truck Service Manual for RVI Transmission (SKU: MLS52)
Mack Trucks Allison Automatic Transmission - AT545, MT643, MT653DR Removal, Installation & Adjustment Manual (SKU: MLS53)
Mack Truck Transmission Service Manual 5-6-9 Speed, RVI Models, B5-85, B5-85 P2, B6-85, B9-85 (SKU: MLS54)
Mack ASET AC Diesel Engine Service Manual (SKU: 5111)
Mack ASET AI/AMI Diesel Engine Service Manual (SKU: 5110)
Mack Class 8 Custom Collated Manual on CD ROM (SKU: TS473E)
Mack Class 8 Custom Collated Service Manual (SKU: TS473)
Mack E-Tech Engine Service Manual (SKU: 5106)
Mack E5 2-Valve Head Engine Overhaul Procedures Manual (SKU: 5103)
Mack E6 -672 c.i. 2VH Diesel Engine Overhaul Procedures Manual (SKU: 5672)
Mack E6 -672 c.u. Six Cylinder Diesel Engine Overhaul Manual (SKU: 56724VH)
Mack E7 -728 c.u. 12L, Six Cylinder Diesel Factory Engine Overhaul Manual (SKU: 5101)
Mack E9 V-8 (998) Engine Factory Overhaul Procedures Manual (SKU: 5102)Covers overhaul of the E9 Mack Factory V-8 (998) Diesel Engine.
Mack V-MAC III Service Manual, Revised October 2008 (SKU: 8211)Covers Mack V-MAC III Blink Codes, Sensor Information, Engine & Trans Performance Diagnostics,  Service Manual.
MACK Truck Highway Vehicle Service Manual (SKU: TS442)
MACK Truck Highway Vehicle Service Manual - Vol. 1 (SKU: TS442-Engine)
MACK V-MAC Diagnostic Service Manual MV8-102 (SKU: MV8102)
Mack Six Speed Maxitorque Transmission (SKU: 10TRXL1071005)
Mack Special Instructions for Assembly of Service Blocks, Short Blocks, and Basic Engines, for Six-Cylinder Diesel Engines (SKU: 5100-10)
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