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OTC, The One Tool Company that professional technicians trust. Over 75 years commitment to quality has earned that trust. They are continuously adding new technologies and features to the Genisys, Nemisys, Pegisys, EVO, GM Tech-2 and OTC Hand Held Scanner lines. This innovation enhances the the diagnostic power of the scan tool and provides you with the very best value for your money. When you look at the true cost of ownership - the purchase price, cost of updates, cost of add-ons, range of features, reliability, training and much more - OTC Scanners stand out as the very best value for your money. OTC provides the affordable diagnostics technology you need today and to grow your shop tomorrow.

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OTC3875 Genisys EVO OBD II Kit +$200 Gift Card (SKU: OTC3875)Free upgrade to 2013 Domestic & Asian software and 2012 European software with registration! OBD-II kit comes with Smart Cable, OBD-I cables not included.
OTC3875 Genisys EVO OBD II Kit- Refurbished (SKU: OTC3875OBDIIR11)Free upgrade to 2013 Domestic & Asian software and 2012 European software with registration! OBD-II kit comes with Smart Cable, OBD-I cables not included.
OTC3874 Genisys EVO Deluxe Scan Kit with OBD-I Cables + $325 Cash Card (SKU: OTC3874)OTC3874 Genisys EVO Deluxe Scan Kit with OBD-I cables + FREE $325 Cash Card- expires 12-31-2014.
OTC3874HD Genisys EVO Deluxe Scan & Heavy Duty Kit +$325 Gift Card (SKU: OTC3874HD)OTC-3874HD Includes Heavy Duty Truck Kit OTC342179, Free Shipping, No Tax Outside Michigan.
OTC3874MVCI Genisys EVO Deluxe Scan Kit with OBD-I Cables + $325 Cash Card (SKU: OTC3874MVCI)OTC3874MVCI Genisys EVO Deluxe Scan Kit with OBD-I cables, Bosch Mastertech MVCI + FREE $325 Cash Card- expires 12-31-2014.
OTC3874TPR Genisys EVO OBD II Kit w/TPMS Tool +$325 Gift Card (SKU: OTC3874TPR)OTC-3874TPR Genisys EVO OBD-II Kit includes the hand held TPR tool +$325 Gift Card- expires 12-31-2014.
OTC-3418 Heavy Duty Truck Code Reader (SKU: OTC3418)Covers Class 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 trucks with HD J1587 / J1708 and J1939 CAN Protocol. Reads/Clears, Engine, Transmission & ABS Brake codes & displays code definitions.
OTC-3417 Heavy Duty Truck Scan Tool Kit (SKU: OTC3417)Covers Class 4 – 8 truck. Reads & clears codes on  Engine, Transmission & ABS Brakes with 6 & 9 pin connectors.  Has streaming data of vital parameters. Also covers light trucks & cars with OBD-II connector.
OTC-3358 Ready Scan Readiness Monitor Tool (SKU: OTC3358)Ready Scan Readiness Monitor Tool for automotive diagnostics.
OTC PocketScan Code Reader for OBD-II (SKU: OTC3108)DTC's and descriptions are displayed.  Freeze Frame, VIN info and performs (I/M) Inspection and Maintenance-readiness testing.
OTC AutoScanner Trilingual OBDII & EOBD Scan Tool (SKU: OTC3109)
OTC CodeConnect OBD II, CAN, ABS, Air-Bag, & Diesel Tri-Lingual Scan Tool (SKU: OTC3111PRO)Covers OBD II, CAN, ABS & Airbag & Diesel, Trilingual Scan Tool.
OTC Enhanced Code Scanner OBD I, II & CAN (SKU: OTC3498)OTC Enhanced Code Scanner also covers OBD I, OBD II, and CAN Protocol. Included is a full OBD I cable kit. Get complete coverage at a very low cost.
OTC ScanPro Elite Code Scanner OBD I & II + Light Diesel & ABS Coverage (SKU: OTC3499N)
OTC Oil Light Reset Tool 2010 Kit (SKU: OTC3596H)
OTC Oil Light Reset Tool 2007 Kit (SKU: OTC3596G)
OTC Pegisys Limited Edition Diagnostic Scan Tool Master Kit (SKU: OTC3856J)
Genisys 4 Channel Scope Module with InfoTech 2006 (SKU: OTC3688)Genisys 4-channel scope analyzes the most sophisticated vehicles. Covers Domestic, Asian & Euro vehicles with InfoTech Software & Engine, Trans & ABS systems included.
OTC 2-Channel Automotive Lab Scope (SKU: OTC3840F)
ABS Reader II 2005 Kit (SKU: OTC3416)
ABS Reader II Exchange Kit (SKU: OTC341601)
Vetronix GM Tech 2 Deluxe with 2011 Software and Candi Module (SKU: OTC3649)New! Now Covers GM Systems thru 2011!  GM Tech-2 Scanner (OTC3648) with CANdi Module (OTC362520).
GM Tech 2 Flash CANdi Interface Module (SKU: OTC362520)Allows for Re-Flash of GM CAN Compliant vehicles.
GM Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI) (SKU: OTC3845)The MDI interface cable is used for Flashing GM ECU's using a stand-alone PC.
Milller Chrysler DRB-3 Scan Tool Anti Lock Brake Accessory With Oscilloscope Leads (SKU: CE8510)
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OTC manufactures scan tools - everything from Do-It-Yourself level to products for the professionals. If you're a DIY mechanic, you might be interested in scan tools such as the OTC3108 PocketScan code reader, OTC3109 Code Scanner, or the OTC3498 scanner. Professionals might be interested in the OTC Nemisys, Genisys, the Genisys Touch, or the Pegisys.  If you are looking for Heavy Duty coverage, OTC offers the OTC3418 Heavy Duty Code Reader and the OTC3417 Heavy Duty Scan Tool. Coupons on

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