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Dell Fully Rugged XFR-D630 with JPRO DLA+ Adapter and Cummins Software Preloaded! (SKU: XFR-D630-KIT)Refurbished Dell Latitude XFR-D630 Laptop w/ Win 7 Pro.
DLA Adapter with 9 Pin Cable Adapter
Cummins Insite Lite Factory Software
Software Installation, Free Shipping and Insurance!
JPRO Fully Rugged Fleet Service Kit w/DLA+ PLC ABS Brake Kit & Cummins Insite Lite Preloaded! (SKU: 65150-CUMMINS)New Laptop with JPRO Fleet Service Software, DLA+ Connector, PLC ABS Brake Kit & Cummins Software Preloaded on Panasonic CF-31 Laptop!
JPRO Fully Rugged Tablet Fleet Service Kit (SKU: 64075)For Mobile Technician: PRO Fleet Diagnostic Software loaded on a Panasonic Toughbook H2 Tablet with Wireless DLA+ Adapter.
JPRO Semi Rugged Fleet Service Kit w/DLA + PLC, with Cummins Software Preloaded! (SKU: 63050-CUMMINS)
JPRO Business Class Tablet Fleet Service Kit (SKU: 62075)For Service Writers: PRO Fleet Diagnostic Software loaded on a Samsung Series 7 Slate Tablet with Wireless DLA+ Adapter.
JPRO Business Class Fleet Service Kit w/DLA+ PLC, with Cummins Software Preloaded! (SKU: 61050-CUMMINS)
JPRO OE Software Super Bundle for Diagnostic Station (SKU: 35003)For Technicians working on many different Tractors & Trailers.
JPRO Heavy Duty Trailer & Truck ABS Brake Software Bundle (SKU: 32135)Factory Diagnostic ABS Brake Software for Meritor Wabco Toolbox v.11, Bendix ACOM, Halidex ABS & Wabash ABS
JPRO PLC J560 Cable with T Connector 32111 (SKU: 32111)7-way diagnostic interface adapter that allows for connecting to the trailer's ABS system.
JPRO Cummins 3-Pin Cable Kit (SKU: 12213)Cable Connects the Laptop to the Cummins 3-Pin Connector.
JPRO DLA+ Wireless Kit (with FREE USB Bluetooth Transmitter for Laptop) (SKU: 12208)Everything Needed for Bluetooth Wireless Connection from your Laptop to Truck.

JPRO DLA+ Vehicle Adapter Kit Includes J1708/J1939 & Dual CAN Capability (SKU: 12206)For Technicians working on Trucks (Tractor) only. Does not cover Trailer Diagnostics.
JPRO Connector Cable from Laptop to Truck.
JPRO DLA+ PLC Heavy Duty Trailer ABS Brake Kit (SKU: 12204)Works on both Trucks & Trailers. Communicate with and diagnose ABS and other PLC (J1939/J1708/J1587) devices. <br>Use J1708/J1939 & Dual CAN for the Tractors.  <br>Use the PLC Capability for the Trailers.
JPRO 9-Pin Cable for Heavy Trucks (SKU: 12189)Cable Connects the DLA Adapter to the Medium / Heavy Truck 9-Pin Connector.
JPRO 6-Pin Cable for Heavy Trucks (SKU: 12172)Cable Connects the DLA Adapter to the Medium / Heavy Truck 6-Pin Connector.
JPRO Medium Duty Fleet, GM Cable- Yellow (SKU: 12167)Replacement cable for the JPRO Medium Duty Fleet Diagnostics GM Module.
JPRO Medium Duty Fleet, Ford Cable- Red (SKU: 12166)Replacement cable for the JPRO Medium Duty Fleet Diagnostics Ford Module.
JPRO USB Cable, 15 Feet (SKU: 12105)For connection from your JPRO Data Link Adapter to your PC.
JPRO® Sprinter Van Commercial Fleet Diagnostic PC Software Kit (SKU: 11261)Covers 2007-2012 Sprinter 2500 & 2500 Vans.
JPRO GMC Chevrolet Medium & Light Truck Diagnostic PC Scan Tool Software Kit (SKU: 11231)2002-2013 GMC / Chevy Trucks: 1500 thru 8500. Includes Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche, Sierra, Yukon, Denali, GMC Express and Chevy Savana.
JPRO® Ford Medium / Light Duty Commercial Fleet Diagnostic PC Software Kit (SKU: 11221)Enhanced Diagnostics for Ford F150 thru F750, E150 thru E550, SuperDuty, Powerstroke & Transit Connect. Software & Ford Cable.
JPRO Heavy Duty Fleet Service Software Suite With JPRO DLA+ Vehicle Adapter Kit (SKU: 11201-12206)This kit combines part numbers 11201 and 12206. For use on trucks only, not trailers.
JPRO Fleet Service Software Bundle (Software Only) (SKU: 11201)Reads all Generic & Manufacture Codes On All Tractor Trailer Systems. Provides Standardized User Interface for All Factory Software Licenses.

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