How to Rebuild and Modify Ford Y-Block Engines
How to Rebuild and Modify Ford Y-Block Engines

How to Rebuild and Modify Ford Y-Block Engines

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How to Rebuild and Modify Ford Y-Block Engines
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As Ford cars grew in both size and weight after WWII, the need for a more powerful and robust engine than the aging Flathead was becoming apparent. The successor of the Flathead engine, the Ford Y-block V-8 engine delivered far better performance and it didn't have the inherent oiling problems of the Flathead. This engine featured deep skirt block design, and its layout resembles a "Y," hence the Y-block name. Manufactured displacements of 239, 256, 272, 292, and 312 cubic inches, this stout engine grew in displacement over the years to meet demands for more power. It powered a variety of Ford trucks and cars from 1952 to 1964, including the Thunderbird, Edsel, and the famous 53-56 pickups.

The Ford Y-block has been largely ignored for years, but now the engine is enjoying a renaissance. With the renewed interest, many new high-performance parts are on the market. In this comprehensive rebuild and high-performance build-up guide, a step-by-step rebuild of two stock engines is provided, complete with explanatory text and captions as well as full-color photos. During the rebuild process, you learn the unique features of this engine series and how to build a strong and reliable engine. In addition, author Charles Morris profiles the building a modified supercharged 292 engine that uses the latest performance parts and technology developed specifically for this engine series. You are shown how to machine and prep the block, refurbish the cylinder heads, and select the optimal rotating assembly for a particular horsepower level.

The last book published on Y-Blocks was more than 20 years ago, but there has not been an authoritative step-by-step engine rebuild and high-performance book until now. The enthusiasts have been clamoring for information and of course owners will find invaluable coverage of the new parts, machining process, and assembly techniques. If you're a Y-block enthusiast, you will have to have this book.

Chapter 1:

Engine Evaluation 
High Mileage 
Excessive Oil Consumption 
Low Oil Pressure 
Decrease in Performance 
Diagnostic Tools and Techniques 
Spark Plug Inspection 
Ignition Timing Check 
Vacuum Test 
Compression Check 
Leak-Down test 
Cooling System Pressure Test 

Chapter 2:

Pulling the Engine
Distributor and Ignition 
Lines and Hoses 
Hoist and Lift Brackets 
Engine Stand 

Chapter 3:

Preparing to Rebuild an Engine 
Safety is Crucial 
Organization and Planning 
Rationale for Rebuilding 
Tools and Equipment 
Machine Shop Services 

Chapter 4:

Engine Disassembly 
Valvetrain Disassembly 
Camshaft Removal 
Cylinder Head Disassembly 
Block Disassembly 

Chapter 5:

Inspection and Cleaning 
Professional Inspection 
Rocker Arm Assemblies 
Camshaft and Lifters 
Cylinder Heads 
Cylinder Block 
Pistons and Connecting Rods 
Crankshaft and Vibration Dampener 

Chapter 6:

Machining and Parts Selection 
Parts Sources 
Connecting Rods 
Rotating Assembly 
Cylinder Block 
Cylinder Heads 
Cylinder Head Resurfacing 
Valve Job 
Cylinder Head Assembly 
Piston and Connecting Rod Installation 

Chapter 7:

Safety and Cleanliness 
Specialized Tools and Products 
Bottom End Assembly 
Top End Installation 

Chapter 8:

High-Performance Y-Block Engine Build 
Racing Engines 

Chapter 9:

Engine Installation, Start-Up and Break-In 
Priming the Engine 
Distributor Installation 
Priming the Fuel System 


Publisher: Cartech, Inc.
Softcover: 136 pages
Dimensions: 11.0 x 8.5 x 0.6 inches
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