Muscle Car Brake Upgrades: How To Design, Select and Install
Muscle Car Brake Upgrades: How To Design, Select and Install

Muscle Car Brake Upgrades: How To Design, Select and Install

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Muscle Car Brake Upgrades: How To Design, Select and Install
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Details how to select, install, and calibrate high-performance aftermarket brake systems specifically for your classic muscle car.
Other brake system books cover all cars and all applications, but this book is dedicated to muscle cars only! With this volume, you can follow detailed, thorough, step-by-step procedures to install systems on a variety of popular muscle cars from Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors. As a result, you will have a car with brakes on par with the handling and horsepower of modified cars today.
Many 1960s and 1970s muscle cars still carry the outdated and rudimentary OEM drum or underpowered stock disc/drum brake systems. These hinder handling agility and stopping performance, and they are a subpar safety system. Muscle cars are meant to be driven aggressively, and the brake system needs to match the performance of the drivetrain.


Chapter 1: The Evolution of Muscle Cars and Brakes 
  • A Brief History of Muscle Cars 
  • Theory of Braking Systems 
  • Stability, Steering, and Stopping Distance 
  • Engineering Details of Braking Performance 
  • Force Conversions 
  • How Upgrades Affect Vehicle Performance 
  • Modern Braking Performance Versus High Performance 
Chapter 2: Components and Their Functions 
  • Brake Pedal and Assembly 
  • Brake Fluid and Hydraulics 
  • Master Cylinder 
  • Power Assist 
  • Brake Lines 
  • Brake Valves 
  • Residual Valves 
  • Types of Automotive Hydraulic Brakes 
  • Drum Brakes 
  • Disc Brakes 
  • Brake Lining Materials 
  • Parking Brake 
  • Brake Light Switches 
Chapter 3: General Brake Upgrade Overview 
  • OEM Conversions 
  • Aftermarket Conversions 
  • Wheel Fit and Tires 
  • Caliper Types 
  • Brake Rotor Choices 
  • Application Selection 
  • Power or Manual Brakes 
  • Creating Braking Force with Calipers and Master Cylinders 
  • Research 
  • The Final Selection 
Chapter 4: GM Brake Conversion: Budget-Friendly Upgrade 
  • Beat the Drums 
  • Discs 
  • Rotors 
  • Calipers 
  • Brake Pads 
  • Rear Disc Upgrades 
  • Rear Brake Install 
  • Front Brake Install
Chapter 5: Ford Disc Brake Conversion: Street/Strip Upgrade 
  • Vehicle Interchanges/Crossovers 
  • Grenada Front Brake Swap on Mustang 
  • Ford Disc Brake Calipers 
  • OEM-Style Front Rotors 
  • OEM Master Cylinders, Power Units, Proportioning Valves 
  • Aftermarket Conversions 
  • High-Performance 1968 Ford Torino Big Brake Upgrade 
  • Rear Axle Brake Kit
Chapter 6: Mopar Brake Conversion: Pro Touring Upgrade 
  • Chrysler’s Muscle Car Brake Systems 
  • The Baer Brakes Upgrade 
  • The Rear Brake System 
  • Don’t Forget the Master Cylinder 
Chapter 7: Picking a System and Getting It Done 
  • Deciding on Your Brake System 
  • Research Options 
  • Developing and Executing a Build Strategy 
  • Routine After-Assembly Test 
  • Breaking in the Brake Pads and Rotors 
  • Post Bedding-In Inspection 
  • The Last Word 
Source Guide

Publisher: CarTech, SA Design
Softcover: Approx. 144 pages, 332 Color Photos
Dimensions: 10.8 x 8.3 x 0.3 inches
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