High Performance Automotive Cooling Systems Street and Racing Systems Manual By Cartech
High Performance Automotive Cooling Systems Street and Racing Systems Manual By Cartech

High Performance Automotive Cooling Systems Street and Racing Systems Manual By Cartech

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High Performance Automotive Cooling Systems Street and Racing Systems Manual By Cartech
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modern cars even have coolant. The temp needle moves to where it is supposed to be and never moves again until you shut the car off. For drivers of vintage cars, this level of reliability is also attainable.Muscle cars and hot rod engines today are pushed to the limit with stroker kits and power adders straining the capabilities of your cooling system to extremes never seen before. Whether you are a fan of modern performance cars or a fan of more modern performance in vintage cars, this book will help you build a robust cooling system to complement your engine.
Tabel Of Contents:
Chapter 1: Engine Cooling System Basic Operation
Thermodynamic Laws 
Thermal Expansion 
Heat Transfer 
Cooling System Operation 
Cooling System Components 
Chapter 2: Coolant Selection 
Coolant Is Antifreeze and Water 
Antifreeze Types 
Antifreeze Components 
Waterless Glycerol-Based Coolant 
BeCool Coolant 
Coolant Service 
Chapter 3: Radiators 
Radiator Design
Radiator Materials 
Radiators Types 
Pressurized Cooling System 
Closed Cooling System 
Aftermarket Overflow Tank 
OEM Radiator Design and Testing 
Radiator Selection 
Radiator Inefficiency 
Chapter 4: Coolant Flow 
Centrifugal Water Pump Components 
Centrifugal Water Pump Operation 
Water Pump Design Issues 
Water Pump Construction 
High-Performance Water Pumps 
Electric Water Pumps 
Thermostat Selection 
Coolant Hoses  
Chapter 5: Radiator Airflow
Airflow to Remove Heat 
Radiator Shrouds 
Chapter 6: Cooling Fans 
General Cooling Fan Information 
Modified Stock and Race Car Cooling Fan Issues 
Viscous Clutch 
Electric Fans 
Electric Cooling Fan Control
Cooling Fan Selection
Chapter 7: Basic System Diagnosis 
Information Gathering 
Diagnostic System Checks 
Intermittent Electrical Conditions 
Isolate Root Cause, Repair, and Verify Fix 
Engine Overheating Diagnostics 
Pressure Testing a Cooling System 
Thermostat Diagnosis 
Thermostat Service 
Checking Coolant Protection 
Hose Service 
Water Pump Service 
Drive Belt Tension and Replacement 
Radiator Replacement 
Head Gasket Replacement 
Heater Core Replacement 
Cooling System Design and Service Issues 
Chapter 8: Installation 
Coolant System Flow Review
Wiring Harness 
Water Pump Selection
Water Pump Installation
Thermostat, Inlet, and Outlet Selection 
Coolant Hoses 
Radiator Selection
Electric Cooling Fans 
Expansion and Overflow Tanks 
Pages: 128
Size: 8.5 X 11 (inches)
Format: Paperback
Illustrations: 349 color photos & illustrations
Publisher: CarTech
ISBN: 9781613255049
Product Code: SA462
Publisher: CarTech, Inc.
Softcover: Approx: 200 pages
Dimensions: 11.0 x 8.5 x 0.5 inches
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