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Frequently Asked Questions about JPRO Fleet Diagnostics

Important Information

JPRO Fleet Diagnostics is updated frequently with new information and codes. Thousands of components exist with new ones being introduced year round. If you don't see accurate or component-specific information for your vehicle, please call us at (989) 839-4877 and a technical specialist will assist you with your questions..

What is the difference between JPRO Fleet PC Software vs. the Nexiq PC Software?

Loaded on a computer by itself, the Nexiq PC software gives no fault information at all.  All it is is a portal that allows you to load factory OEM Software on your PC and communicate with the truck.

The JPRO Fleet Diagnostics software is user friendly, it displays/erases SAE (generic) and OEM Engine, ABS, Transmission & Chassis Codes. The screen controls and menus are the same no matter which factory software is loaded on your computer. For example, if you are diagnosing a truck using Mack factory software, then disconnect and connect to another truck and use your factory Cummins software, your computer screen will look and act the same. You will not be able to tell the difference between working with Mack factory software and Cummins factory software. In addition, all of the reports you print out will have the same format (look and feel) irregardless of which factory software was used during data collection. This means that you only need to know how to navigate within the JPRO software. You will not need to learn how to navigate around and use Mack software, or the Cummins, software, or the CAT ET software, or the Detroit Diesel software. No matter which factory software you have turned on, you will always see the same screens, menus, options, reports and parameter lists. This single user interface saves a lot of aggravation and wasted time struggling to find out how to use all the switches and controls in each factory software loaded on your computer.

Is JPRO Fleet Diagnostics capable of parameter adjustments?

No, JPRO Fleet Diagnostics is a diagnostic tool only.

Can JPRO Fleet Diagnostics perform vehicle tests such as cylinder cutouts?

Certain OEM applications have the ability to perform vehicle tests and JPRO Fleet Diagnostics provides the ability to easily launch these applications. Vehicle tests are OEM-specific functions. Due to security and safety concerns, JPRO Fleet Diagnostics does not allow you to perform vehicle tests. If you need to perform vehicle tests you will need to use the OEM application.

Can JPRO Fleet Diagnostics adjust user-configurable parameters such as road speeds or idle shutdown settings?

JPRO Fleet Diagnostics has the capability to read user-configurable vehicle parameters but due to security and safety concerns, JPRO Fleet Diagnostics does not allow you to alter these parameters. If you require adjustments to vehicle parameters you will need to use the OEM application.

What OEM applications come with JPRO Fleet Diagnostics?

JPRO Fleet Diagnostics comes bundled with Meritor WABCO TOOLBOX.

Does JPRO Fleet Diagnostics include any troubleshooting manuals?

JPRO Fleet Diagnostics will search your PC for all installed OEM troubleshooting manuals and these will be available for viewing directly within the application. JPRO Fleet Diagnostics does not come with any troubleshooting manuals.

Can JPRO Fleet Diagnostics clear Fault Codes?

Yes, JPRO Fleet Diagnostics has the ability to clear both active and inactive fault codes. JPRO Fleet Diagnostics can also clear a single selected fault code.

Can JPRO Fleet Diagnostics perform ECU reprogramming?

Due to security and safety concerns, JPRO Fleet Diagnostics does not allow you to reprogram ECUs. If you require ECU reprogramming you will need to use the OEM application.

Do I need OEM software in order for JPRO Fleet Diagnostics to work?

No other applications are required to make JPRO Fleet Diagnostics work. If other OEM applications are installed JPRO Fleet Diagnostics will automatically locate these applications and make them available for launching directly from the main screen.

If I have OEM software why do I need JPRO Fleet Diagnostics?

JPRO Fleet Diagnostics allows you to see the general health of the vehicle, all components on the vehicle, any active or inactive faults and the ability to clear them, and key data points all on one screen without the need to open an OEM application. You can also launch any installed troubleshooting manuals or installed OEM applications directly from within JPRO Fleet Diagnostics.

What kind of computer do I need to run JPRO Fleet Diagnostics?

Noregon recommends using a Panasonic Toughbook CF-52, Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 or Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 but JPRO Fleet Diagnostics will work on any current PC running Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or Vista Business. Tehcnical specifications can be found on the main product page.

Does JPRO Fleet Diagnostics work on a PC running Microsoft Windows Vista?

JPRO Fleet Diagnostics will work on any PC running Microsoft Windows Vista Business. JPRO Fleet Diagnostics also runs on any current PC running Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP. Tehcnical specifications can be found on the main product page.

What does it cost to update JPRO Fleet Diagnostics?

Updates to JPRO Fleet Diagnostics are provided free of charge for 1-year from the date of purchase. Following the first year you will need to purchase the Annual Subscription (#40103) from our online store.

Does JPRO Fleet Diagnostics support OBD II?

Yes, JPRO Fleet Diagnostics supports OBD II using the Noregon JPRO OBD II Adapter (#12114).

What is the default location for saved log files?

JPRO Fleet Diagnostics stores log files by default in the C:\Program Files\Noregon\JPRO Fleet Diagnostics\logs\folder.

Can I look at the data in the log files?

Data from log files cannot be viewed using a simple text editor since the data is stored in HEX format. To view log file data you will need to use the playback function from within JPRO Fleet Diagnostics. See your included User's Guide for more information on using the playback function.

Which DLA Adapter Cable will work with the JPRO Software? (The DLA Adapter Cable is the connector that connects the computer to the truck)

DLA Adapter Cables That Will Work with The JPRO Software

Manufacturer Adapter Name
Noregon Noregon JPRO DLA+ Adapter Kit (#12206)
Noregon JPRO DLA+ PLC Trailer Brake KIT (#12204)
Auto Tap Auto Tap Heavy Duty Vehicle Adapter HDV100A3
Caterpillar 275-5121 Communication Adapter II
Cummins Cummins Inline 5 - Most recent driver and firmware.
Will not work with Wingman or VORAD.
Dearborn DPA 4 USB
Eaton MD-100
MD-111 Wireless
International NAVCoM
EZ Tech
EZ Tech Link (Wireless)
Nexiq USB Link
Parallel Data Module
PLC Converter for Trailer Applications
Wireless Vehicle Link
Movimento Puma 2

Please note: The Movimento, Eaton, AutoTap and Caterpillar Adapter Cables have
not been formally tested by Noregon.  Bases on product data sheets, these
connectors should work with JPRO software.

What is Noregon Systems Latest JPRO® Fleet Diagnostics Software Release? (Listed on Website July 5, 2012)

V5.3, featuring Aftertreatment Diagnostics:

Noregon Systems, a leading supplier of PC based diagnostic solutions to the commercial vehicle industry, announces the release of JPRO® Commercial Fleet Diagnostics software v5.3, offering updated coverage for heavy duty and Ford vehicles.

The updated features are immediately available on all new copies of JPRO v5.3 software. Current JPRO license holders, with an active support agreement, can access the update on line by going to:

One of the key features in JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics version 5.3 is a new screen for the accurate graphical display of aftertreatment systems on 2007 and newer vehicles.

“Aftertreatment systems are complex and complicated. A misdiagnosis can lead to system damage in the thousands of dollars per vehicle. Our new aftertreatment screen gives techs the detailed information they need to make the right diagnosis - keeping aftertreatment systems running smoothly, lowering emissions and extending component life” said Greg Reimmuth, vice president of sales and marketing for JPRO Commercial Fleet Products.

In addition to aftertreatment diagnostics, here are some other notable features in JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics version 5.3:

Heavy Duty Module Coverage Updates:

• Updated fault code information for nearly every OEM
• Support for Natural Gas engine data in Cummins and John Deere engines
• Fault codes for the Meritor WABCO OnGuard system
• New “entire vehicle” Fluids Measurement Tab on the Data Monitor window
• Displays trailer lamp status on the tractor brake Key Data Points window

Ford Module Coverage Updates:

• Added support for transmissions in Ford 4x4 vehicles
• Added support for Instrument Cluster data

To learn what new features and functionality have been added in JPRO® Commercial Fleet Diagnostics v5.3

About JPRO Commercial Fleet Products

Noregon JPRO Commercial Fleet Products are PC and adapter-based, in-shop diagnostic solutions used by fleets and independent garages in the repair and maintenance of heavy duty and medium duty vehicles. JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostic software provides over 28,000 heavy and medium duty truck OEM fault codes – which is the most complete coverage in the industry.  Technicians plug a JPRO adapter into a vehicle’s diagnostic port to read fault codes from engine, transmission, braking systems, body and chassis controllers (such as Cummins, CAT, Allison, Eaton Fuller, Wabco, etc.) including heavy-duty tractor/trailer applications. A USB cable connects the adapter to the computer.

By providing technicians with a user friendly way to get a complete view of vehicle systems, service professionals are reporting a significant improvement in the time needed to find issues and make repairs. Fleet managers using JPRO have reported substantial increases in uptime and profitability for their fleets.

About Noregon Systems, Inc.

Noregon Systems, Inc. specializes in creating custom software solutions and products for the commercial transportation and military industries. In addition to in-shop diagnostic solutions for the commercial fleet and repair industry, Noregon provides expertise in e-business, client-server, & embedded applications along with onboard vehicle network development.

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