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Automatic Transmission / Transaxle Rebuilt Torque Converters

Rebuilt Automotive Locking, Lockup Torque Converters

3 Year, 36 Month Warranty!

Take a few minutes to view the video below, which shows exactly how the remanufacturing process works, including the exclusive Datum Plane Generation technology, which holds every perpendicular and parallel plane straight and true during the welding process.


A quality rebuilt transmission/transaxle torque converter starts with a rebuild machine shop process. Every Recon rebuilt torque converter is built to exacting specifications using only the best quality components, and are inspected repeatedly throughout the remanufacturing process.

All hubs, bearings, washers, o-rings, roller clutches, bushings, and clutch linings are replaced when necessary; and splines are replaced or reinforced when needed as well. Add strict requirements for hard parts replacement and 100% final inspection and you can be sure that what s on the inside meets the standards of the name on the box Transtar.

Transtar stocks torque converters for virtually any domestic or import transmission, competitively priced and ready for delivery.

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