Mack E6 -672 c.u. Six Cylinder Diesel  Engine Overhaul Manual
Mack E6 -672 c.u. Six Cylinder Diesel  Engine Overhaul Manual

Mack E6 -672 c.u. Six Cylinder Diesel Engine Overhaul Manual

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Mack E6 -672 c.u. Six Cylinder Diesel  Engine Overhaul Manual
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Mack Engine Overhaul Manual covering the E6/672 4 VH 6 cylinder diesel engine.

Table of Contents sections include:

Introduction Cylinder Head Cover
Removal from Vehicle Valve Lifter Cover
Cylinder Block Injection Nozzle, Holder and Nozzle Fuel Inlet Tubes
Cylinder Liners Injection Pump Installation
Piston Cooling Oil Spray Nozzles Fuel Return Associated Hardware
Valve Lifters Puff Limiter, Reversing Relay, LDA Smoke Control
Camshaft Air Compressor
Crankshaft Gear Exhaust Manifold
Crankshaft and Main Bearing Inlet Manifold
Auxiliary Shaft Water Manifold
Air Compressor Coupling Water Pump
Timing Gears Thermostat
Injection Pump Drive Coolant Conditioner
Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal Oil Pressure Piston Cooling Relief Valve
Flywheel and Flywheel Housing Oil Pressure Relief Valve Housing
Connecting Rods Oil Cooler Installation
Pistons and Rings Oil Filter
Connecting Rod and Piston Assembly Fuel Filters
Piston and Connecting Rod Installation Turbocharger
Timing Gear Cover Cylinder Head Assembly
Vibration Damper, Hub and Pulley Oil Pump Rebuild
Timing Indicator Oil Cooler Rebuild
Power Steering Pump Installation Water Pump Rebuild
Oil Pump Injection Pump Timing
Oil Pan Installation Rebuilt Engine Run-In Procedure
Cylinder Head Installation Chassis Mounted Charge Air Cooling (CMCAC)
Valve Lifter Push Rod Air Flow Diagram
Valve Yoke Coolant Flow
Valve Rocker Arm Shaft Assembly Lubrication Flow
Dynatard Engine Brake Fits and Limits Chart
Valve Rocker Arm Shaft Assembly Installation Metric Mismatch
Valve Lash Adjustment Engine Trouble Shooting
Publisher: Mack Trucks Inc.
Softcover: 372 Pages
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.0 x 1.0 Inches
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