EFI Conversions How to Swap Your Carb for Electronic Fuel Injection
EFI Conversions How to Swap Your Carb for Electronic Fuel Injection

EFI Conversions How to Swap Your Carb for Electronic Fuel Injection

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EFI Conversions How to Swap Your Carb for Electronic Fuel Injection
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Converting from a carbureted fuel system to electronic fuel injection improves the performance and driveability of any classic vehicle. EFI differs from carburetion in that the engine control unit optimizes the air/fuel ratio so the engine performs at its best at all times. Installing a complete aftermarket EFI system may seem complex, but it is within your reach by using the clear and easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions in this book.
A variety of EFI systems are currently available: throttle-body injection, multiport fuel injection, stack systems, application-specific systems, and special application systems. Author Tony Candela reveals the attributes of each so you can select the one that's ideal for your car. He shows you how to install TBI and MPFI systems as well as a complete rework of an improperly installed and poorly functioning EFI system. He also explains each crucial step for calibrating these systems in your own garage. You learn how to optimize your electrical and fuel delivery system as well as integrate ignition and computer control with aftermarket EFI systems.
A well-installed and well-tuned EFI system greatly improves the performance of a classic V-8 or any engine because the system delivers the correct fuel mixture for every operating condition. Your engine will deliver quicker starts, better fuel economy, and improved and efficient performance. With this book, achieving all these benefits is at your fingertips.
Chapter Layout:
Chapter 1: Injection System
  • Air Quality
  • Carburetor Limitations
  • Air/Fuel Ratio
  • Carburetors versus EFI
  • OEM Conversions
  • Electronic Fuel Injection Components
  • Aftermarket Systems
  • Option Considerations
Chapter 2: Choosing the Right System
  • Parts Combination Compatibility
  • Fuel System Requirements
  • Ignition System Requirements
  • Electrical System Requirements
  • Properly Planning an EFI Installation
Chapter 3: EFI Tuning Basics
  • Air/Fuel Ratio
  • Ignition Timing
  • Operating Mode and Sensors
  • Drivability Tuning
  • Tuning Tools of the Trade
  • Power Adders
  • Tuning with Power Adders
Chapter 4: Holley HP EFI System Installation
  • Drivability
  • Diagnosing EFI Running Problems
  • 14-Volt Battery Conversion
  • Fuel Pump Speed Controller Installation
  • Volt Meter Upgrade
  • 14-Volt Battery Installation
  • Low-RPM Rev Limiter Interface
  • Wideband A/F Gauge Installation
Chapter 5: MSD Atomic System Installation
  • System advantages
  • System Aspects
  • MSD Atomic EFI System Installation
  • Stage One: Add EFI, Utilizing the Existing Ignition System
  • Stage Two: Add Complete Engine Management
Chapter 6: Holley Dominator System Installation
  • Define Your Objective
  • Component Selection
  • Holley Dominator System Installation
  • Stage One: Pre-Installation
  • Stage Two: Electrical and Fuel Systems
  • Stage Three: Holley Dominator Components
  • Stage Four: Get It to Run
  • Ignition Timing
  • Idle Calibration
  • The Victory Lap
Chapter 7: Fine-Tuning the Holley Dominator System
  • Fuel Mixture
  • Drive It
  • Putting the Power of the ECU to Work
  • Electrical Interface Changes
  • Building a Vehicle-Specific EFI Harness
Source Guide
Publisher: CarTech Inc. / SA Design
Softcover: Approx: 144 pages
Dimensions: 11.0 x 8.5 x 0.5 inches
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