Holley Carburetors: How to Rebuild
Holley Carburetors: How to Rebuild

Holley Carburetors: How to Rebuild

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Holley Carburetors: How to Rebuild
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Delve into all aspects of Holley Carburetors with knowledgeable instruction from this guide, which shows you how to disassemble, select new parts, rebuild, and calibrate all of the major models.

Veteran engine-building expert and automotive author Mike Mavrigian guides you through each important stage of the rebuilding process so you have the best operating carburetor for a particular engine and application. In addition, he explains carb identification as well as idle, mid-range, and high-speed circuit operation, specialty tools, and available parts. You often need to replace gaskets, worn parts, and jets for the prevailing weather/altitude conditions or a different engine setup. In an easy-to-follow step-by-step format, Mavrigian shows you each critical stage for cleaning sensitive components and installing parts, including idle screws, idle air jets, primary/secondary main jets, accelerator pumps, emulsion tubes, and float bowls. He also includes the techniques for getting all of the details right so you have a smooth-running engine.


What is a Workbench® Book? 
Chapter 1:
  • Holley History, Models and Serial Numbers 
  • Holley ID System 
  • Baseplate Bolt Pattern 
  • Air-Cleaner Base 
Chapter 2:
  • Holley Carburetor Operation 
  • Booster Venturi 
  • Jets 
  • Idle Circuit 
  • Main Metering 
  • Power Valve 
  • Venting 
  • Accelerator Pump 
  • Fuel Inlet 
  • Mechanical versus Vacuum Secondary Operation 
Chapter 3:
  • Carburetor Selection and Setup Tips 
  • Selecting Carburetor Size 
  • Carburetor Linkage 
  • Vacuum Fittings 
  • Chokes 
Chapter 4:
  • Tools and Equipment 
  • Basic Hand Tools 
  • Specialty Tools 
  • Chemicals 
  • Drill Bits 
  • Torque Wrench 
  • Cleaning Chemicals 
  • Media Blasting 
  • Measuring Tools 
Chapter 5:
  • Carburetor Disassembly 
  • Fuel Inlet Removal 
  • Fuel Bowl Removal 
  • Metering Bowl Disassembly 
  • Float Removal 
  • Needle and Seat Removal 
  • Accelerator Pump Removal 
  • Accelerator Pump Discharge Nozzle Removal 
  • Jet Removal 
  • Power Valve Removal 
  • Overflow Whistle Removal 
  • Mixture Screw Removal from Metering Block 
  • Choke Assembly Removal 
  • Vacuum Secondary Diaphragm Removal 
  • Main Body and Baseplate Separation 
Chapter 6:
  • Cleaning and Inspection 
  • Solvents 
  • Cracks and Pinholes 
  • Baseplate 
  • Main Body
  • Power Valve 
  • Throttle Plates 
  • Choke Fast-Idle Cam 
  • Throttle Shaft and Shaft Bearings 
  • Idle and Main Well Passages and Emulsion Tubes 
  • Accelerator Pump Diaphragm 
  • Needle and Seat Assembly 
  • Main Jets 
  • Discharge Nozzles 
  • Carburetor Renewal Kits 
Chapter 7:
  • Assembly 
  • Main Body to Throttle Body Baseplate 
  • Metering Block Assembly 
  • Accelerator Pump Installation 
  • Float Installation 
  • Metering Block Installation 
  • Fuel Bowl Installation 
  • Discharge Nozzle Installation 
  • Choke Installation 
  • Vacuum Secondary Installation 
  • Secondary Metering Plate Installation 
  • Carb-to-Intake Installation 
Chapter 8:
  • Preparation and Tuning 
  • Torque Requirements 
  • Linkage Setup 
  • Engine Pre-Start Requirements 
  • Emergency Precautions 
  • Vacuum Leaks 
  • Throttle Operation 
  • Fuel Pressure 
  • Carburetor Plumbing Techniques 
  • Dyno Testing Your Setup 
  • Pre-Oiling a Fresh Engine 
  • Air Cleaners 
  • Float Height 
  • Idle Mixture 
  • Engine Bogs 
  • Power Valve 
  • Tuning Vacuum Secondary Operation 
Appendix: Holley Carburetor Models, Part Numbers and Features 
Source Guide

Publisher: CarTech, SA Design
Softcover: Approx. 160 pages
Dimensions: 10.8 x 8.3 x 0.3 inches
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