How to rebuild Ford FE Engines
How to rebuild Ford FE Engines

How to rebuild Ford FE Engines

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How to rebuild Ford FE Engines
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Ford FE engines, which were manufactured from the late 1950s all the way through the mid-1970s, were designated as the large-displacement engines in the Ford lineup. FE means Ford Edsel, and reflects an era when Ford sought to promote the Edsel name. The design of these engines was implemented to increase displacement over its predecessor, the Y-Block engines of the previous decade. Early models were fairly modest in displacement, as were most big-blocks of the era, but they grew quickly to fill the needs of rapidly changing chassis requirements and consumer demand for larger vehicles. As it grew, the FE engine performed admirably as a heavy passenger car and light truck engine. It also became quite accomplished in performance circles, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans, as well as powering Ford’s muscle car and drag racing programs in the mid- to late 1960s.

In Ford FE Engines: How to Rebuild, you will learn every thing you need to know to rebuild one of these legendary engines. CarTech's unique Workbench® series format takes you step-by-step through the entire rebuilding process. Covered are engine identification and selection, disassembly, cleaning, parts analysis and assessment, machine shop processes, replacement parts selection, re-assembly and start-up/break-in techniques. Along the way you find helpful tips on performance upgrades, trouble spots to look for, special tools required, and professional builder's tips.

FE master, owner of Survival Motorsports, and veteran author Barry Rabotnick shares all of his tricks and secrets on building a durable and reliable FE engine. Whether you are simply rebuilding an old truck for reliable service use, restoring a 100-point show car, or building the foundation for a high-performance street and strip machine, this book will is irreplaceable resource for all your future FE engine projects.

Chapter 1: Planning the Engine Build 
 Budgeting Process  
 Performance Goals  
 Formulas for Engine Design  
 Ford FE Specific Design Choices  
 Build Process 
 Choosing and Qualification of Your Core  
 Teardown and Inspection  
 Chapter 2: The Engine Block  
 Engine Block Inspection  
 Sonic Checking Charts  
 Pre-Machining Block Preparation  
 Oiling System Modifications  
 Casting Preparation  
 Machine Work: The Big Stuff  
 Block Detailing  
 Camshaft Bearing Installation  
 Block Final Work: Paint and Plugs  
 Chapter 3: Crankshafts  
 Measurement and Inspection  
 Grinding and Polishing  
 Bearings and Assembly  
 Chapter 4: Connecting Rods, Pistons, and Rings  
 Aftermarket Connecting Rods  
 Pistons and Piston Rings  
 Installation and Fitting of Piston Rings  
 Installation of Piston Assemblies onto the Connecting Rods  
 Piston, Connecting Rod, and Ring Assembly Installation  
 Chapter 5: Camshafts, Lifters, and Timing  
 FE Camshaft Design Specifics  
 Camshaft Bearings  
 Lifter Selection Criteria  
 Cam Specs: Lift, Duration, and Lobe Separation Angle 
 So How Do I Pick a Cam?  
 Cam Thrust Plate and End Play  
 Timing Sets  
 Timing Covers  
 Chapter 6: Oiling System  
 Oil Pans and Oil Pump Pickups  
 Chapter 7: Cylinder Heads and Valves  
 Basic 360 and 390 Heads  
 Aftermarket Head Designs  
 Cylinder Head Reconditioning  
 Castings: Cleaning, Inspection, and Qualification  
 Component Selection  
 Valve Springs, Locators, Retainers, and Keepers  
 Setting and Inspecting Stem Tip Height  
 Valve Stem Seals 
 Cylinder Head Assembly  
 Mounting the Cylinder Heads  
 Head Fasteners 
 Chapter 8: Valvetrain Assembly  
 Pushrod Length Measurement  
 Assembling the Valvetrain 
 Chapter 9: Intake Manifold Selection  
 Fitting the Intake Manifold  
 Installing the Intake Manifold  
 Chapter 10: Carburetors  
 Carburetor Tuning  
 Chapter 11: Ignition and Distributor  
 Installing the Distributor  
 Chapter 12: Pre-Oiling and Final Assembly  
 Oil Selection  
 Pre-Oiling the Engine  
 Valve Covers  
 Finishing Up: Sensors, Thermostat, PCV, Pulleys, and Belts  
 Chapter 13: Exhaust  
 Chapter 14: Initial Start Up and Break-In  
 Source Guide  

Publisher: CarTech, S-A Design
Softcover: 144 pages
Dimensions: 10.9 x 8.5 x 0.7 inches
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