How to Swap Ford Modular Engines into Mustangs, Torinos & More Manual Book
How to Swap Ford Modular Engines into Mustangs, Torinos & More Manual Book

How to Swap Ford Modular Engines into Mustangs, Torinos & More Manual Book

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How to Swap Ford Modular Engines into Mustangs, Torinos & More Manual Book
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The Ford Modular engine family is a popular engine swap for 1964-1/2-1973 Mustangs, Fox-Body Mustangs, trucks, hot rods, and other muscle cars because these high-tech engines provide exceptional performance and improved economy compared to their dated counterparts. Found in Mustangs and other Fords since the 1990s, installing a Modular motor in a classic Ford infuses new technology and all the benefits that come with it into a classic car. Modular engines feature an overhead cam design that has massive horsepower potential, and are offered in 4.6-, 5.0-, 5.2- 5.4-, and 5.8-liter iterations. These high-tech 2-, 3-, and 4-valve engines are readily available as a crate engine, from salvage yards, and in running cars. This engine design has a large physical footprint, and swapping the engine requires a thorough plan, using the proper tools and facilities.

Author Dave Stribling specializes in Modular engine swaps, and expertly guides you through each crucial step of the engine transplant process. Because of the large physical size, many components, such as brake boosters, steering rods and boxes, and other underhood components, may need repositioning or modification to co-exist in the engine bay. Stribling covers motor-mount selection and fabrication, suspension and chassis modifications, aftermarket suspension options, firewall and transmission tunnel modifications, engine management and wiring procedures, fuel systems, exhaust systems, electrical mods and upgrades, and much more. Many older Ford muscle and performance cars are prime candidates for a Modular swap; however, shock towers protrude into the engine bay of these cars, so modifications are necessary to fit the engine into the car, which is also covered here.

Swapping the engine and transmission into a muscle car or truck requires specialized processes, and this insightful, explanatory, and detailed instruction is found only in this book. If you are considering swapping one of these high-tech engines into a non-original chassis, this book is a vital component to the process.

Chapter 1: Modular Engines: A Brief History        
       Performance History        
       Swap Spotlight: The Mustang in Black        

Chapter 2: Modular Engine Features and Identification       
       Assembly Plant        
       Engine Identification        
       Vehicle VIN        
       Engine Tags        
       Engine Block Displacement        
       Cylinder Heads        
        Ford Crate Engines        
       Aftermarket Parts        
       Swap Spotlight: The Mustang Evolution        

Chapter 3: Installing the Modular Engine in a Project Car        
       Engine Dimensions and Weights        
       Frame versus Unibody      
       Front Suspension Systems        
       Guidelines for Selecting the Right Suspension        
       Early Mustang Suspension        
       Mustang II Suspension        
       Strut Suspensions        
       Fox-Body Mustangs and Thunderbirds        
       Other Designs        
       Engine Mounts        
       Oiling System        
       Steering System        
       Power Brakes       
       Swap Spotlight: One Bad Kat        

Chapter 4: Powertrain Control Modules and Wiring        
       Factory Systems Overview        
       Ford Wiring and Connectors        
       Returnless Fuel System        
       Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT and TI-VCT)        
       Ford PCM Communication        
       Reading Error Codes        
       Scan Tools and Data Loggers        
       Factory Wiring Notes        
        Ford Performance Power Parts Control Pack        
       Aftermarket Computer Systems        
       Spotlight Build: 1967 Pro/Street Cobra Mustang Coupe        

Chapter 5: Intakes and Induction        
       Factory Intake Manifold Considerations        
       Intake Manifold        
       Throttle Body        
       Intake Air Temperature Sensor        
       Mass Airflow Meter        
       Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor        
       Intake Tubing and Filters        
       Swap Spotlight: Double Trouble        

Chapter 6: Fuel Systems       
       Returnless versus Mechanical Return Line Fuel Systems      
       Aftermarket Fuel-Bypass Regulators      
       Single versus Dual Fuel Pumps      
       Aftermarket Fuel Pumps       
       Fuel Pump Voltage Boosters       
       Fuel Injectors and Rails        
       Fuel Filters        
       Fuel Tanks        
       Hoses and Fittings        
       EVAP System        
       Drive-by-Wire Gas Pedal        
       Swap Spotlight: Factory Five Cobra       

Chapter 7: Cooling, Ignition and Engine Systems       
       Cooling System      
       Alternators and Upgrades        
       Air Conditioning        
       Swap Spotlight: 1952 International Pickup        

Chapter 8: Transmission and Drivetrain       
       Factory Manual Transmissions        
       Aftermarket Manual Transmissions       
       Factory Automatic Transmissions       
       Aftermarket Automatic Transmissions     
       Transmission Crossmembers and Designs        
       Aftermarket Controllers       
       Flywheels, Clutches and Pilot Bearings      
       Bellhousing and Adapters        
       Clutch Actuation       
       Swap Spotlight: Coyote Swap into a Fox-Body Mustang        

Chapter 9: Exhaust System        
       Factory Exhaust Manifolds       
       Aftermarket Exhaust Manifolds and Headers        
       Conversion Headers and Header Components       
       Catalytic Converters     
       Oxygen Sensors       
       Cat-Back Exhaust     
       Swap Spotlight: 1968 Torino        

Chapter 10: Startup Tips for Success       
       Swap Spotlight: 1976 Ford F-100       



Pages: 144
Size: 8.5 X 11 (inches)
Format: Paperback
Illustrations: 385 color
Publisher: CarTech
ISBN: 9781613252956
Product Code: SA381

Publisher: CarTech Inc. / SA Design
Paperback: 144 pages 419 Color Illustrations
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.0 x 0.3 inches
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