How to Rebuild & Modify Chrysler Slant Six Engines
How to Rebuild & Modify Chrysler Slant Six Engines

How to Rebuild & Modify Chrysler Slant Six Engines

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How to Rebuild & Modify Chrysler Slant Six Engines
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About the Author 

Foreword by Steve Magnante 


Chapter 1: Chrysler Slant Six History

Initial Engine Design Work

The Die-Cast Aluminum-Block 225 Program 

Engine Identification 

Casting Numbers 

Decoding Engine Block ID Stampings

Chapter 2: Engine Tuning, Evaluation, and Diagnosis

Mechanical Lifter Valve Lash

Ignition System and Valve Timing Checks

Ignition Timing 

Oil Pressure and Compression Testing 

Chapter 3: Accessory and Engine Removal

Safety First

Getting Started 

Removing Accessories 

Engine Removal 

Chapter 4: Engine Disassembly

Parts Removal 

Disassembly Inspection and Measurements 

Take Your Time!

Chapter 5: Block Inspection, Preparation, and Cleaning


Deburring and Preparation 


Chapter 6: Short-Block Assembly

Assembly Area and Operations


Wash Out Remaining Debris

Reassemble the Slant Six 

Chapter 7: Cylinder Head Assembly

Inspecting Valve Seats and Guides

Deburring, Oil Drainback, Milling, and Porting

Valve Guide, Seat, and Grinding Work 

Cylinder Head Assembly

Chapter 8: Final Long-Block Engine Assembly

Sheet Metal Installation

Expansion and Pipe Plugs 

Cylinder Head Installation 

Rocker Arm Assembly 

Intake and Exhaust Manifold Installation 

Water, Fuel, and Oil Pump 

Damper, Brackets, and Mounts 

Chapter 9: Engine Installation and Start-Up 

TorqStorm Kit Contents 

TorqStorm Supercharger Installation 

Supercharger Kit Install Tips 

Supercharger Testing 




Source Guide

Publisher: Cartech Books / SA Design
Paperback: 144 pages, 522 color photos
Dimensions: 8.3 x 10.8 x 0.5 inches
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