How to Restore your Chevy Truck: 1947 - 1955
How to Restore your Chevy Truck: 1947 - 1955

How to Restore your Chevy Truck: 1947 - 1955

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How to Restore your Chevy Truck: 1947 - 1955
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Everything you need to completely restore your 1947-1955 first series Chevy pickup to better-than-new condition is shown in complete detail!
The Advance Design era (1947-1955) was historic for Chevrolet, topping all the production numbers every year they were in production. And for good reason. The post-World War II economy demanded a tough and well-engineered solution for this growing economy. Selling more than 2.5 million units during this era, Chevrolet quickly surpassed and controlled the light-truck market with style, utility, and logical engineering.
This era has been overlooked for long enough, and Deve Krehbiel, a well-known restoration expert from who specializes in these trucks, puts his 40 years of experience restoring nothing but Advance Design trucks into an extensive and complete single volume. With more than 500 photos and detailed instruction for every aspect of a proper restoration, this book will be the restorer’s best friend. Deve’s companion book, Chevrolet Inline 6 Engine: 1929-1962 (SA455), explains in full detail the engine aspects of your project.
The Advance Design Chevy pickup is one of the most popular and highly prized vehicles at any venue. The author’s hope is that this book will give you the confidence and the knowledge to put your old Chevy truck back on the road in style. There is just nothing more interesting and more inviting than an old Chevy truck!
Chapter Layout:
About the Author 
Chapter 1: The Frame-up Restoration Philosophy 
Choosing the Pickup
The Skills Required 
Preplanning for a Positive Result 
Plan of Attack 
Final Thoughts 
Chapter 2: Taking It All Apart
Frame Subassembly Removal 
Chapter 3: Frame Repair and Restoration
Frame Repair 
After the Frame Repairs 
Chapter 4: Putting a Rolling Chassis Back Together 
Tools and Incidentals 
Leaf Springs 
Rear End 
Painting Tools and Equipment 
Front End 
Brake System 
Brake Lines 
Chapter 5: The Engine 
Engine Improvements 
Cooling System and Related Issues 
Chapter 6: Transmission and Drivetrain 
BorgWarner R10 Overdrive 
Flywheel and Clutch Assembly
Chapter 7: Preparation, Paint, and Color Sanding/Finishing 
Prep for a Perfect Paint Job
Body Filler
Understand the Paint Products
After the Sheet Metal Is Reworked
Chapter 8: The Cab 
Let's Get to Work! 
Seat Belts 
A Unique Drawer System 
Cab Paint  
Cab Glass 
Sound Dampening 
Gas Tank 
Seat Pedestal  
Electric Wipers  
Parking Brake  
Miscellaneous Items 
Steering Wheel 
Chapter 9: Fenders, Hood, Doors, Etc.
Inner Fenders 
Chapter 10: Heater System Restoration 
Ranco Heater Control Valve 
Chapter 11: Front Clip, Hood, and Door Installation
Front Assembly 
Hood Installation 
Door Fitment 
Running Boards 
Chapter 12: The Bed, Rear Fenders, and Aprons
Custom Bed Configuration
Rear Fenders, Aprons, and Taillight Assemblies 
Bed Side Rails 
Chapter 13: Electrical 
Electric Wiper System 
Overdrive Electricals 
Electric Fuel Pump 
Wiring Harness Electricals 
Front End Electrical
Inner Fender Terminals
Wiring Harnesses 
Testing Your Work 
Radio Installation 
The Critical Information System 
Small Things Worth Mentioning 
Chapter 14: Final Thoughts 
Prepping for the Road 
About the First Drive 
What Would I Do Different? 
Deve’s TechNet 
Source Guide
Publisher: CarTech Inc. / SA Design
Paperback: 176 Pages
Dimensions: 8.3 x 10.9 x 0.4 inches
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