How to Restore Your Chevy Truck: 1967 - 1972
How to Restore Your Chevy Truck: 1967 - 1972

How to Restore Your Chevy Truck: 1967 - 1972

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How to Restore Your Chevy Truck: 1967 - 1972
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Learn to fully repair and restore Chevrolet’s most popular truck in this long-awaited new restoration guide.
When Chevy released its second-generation C/K pickup trucks, dubbed the "Action Line," it was apparent that many changes over the previous generation had been employed. Not only did the truck have a simpler, more clean-cut look but this was also the beginning of an era where modern creature comforts that we often take for granted started appearing in the good old Chevy workhorse. Power steering, power brakes, more-powerful engines, a smoother-riding coil rear suspension, automatic transmissions, and independent front suspension all led to what was the most drivable of any Chevy trucks to this point. Back then and today, this generation of Chevy truck is almost universally considered the most popular. Aftermarket parts availability and auction prices support that assertion.
In How to Restore Your Chevy Truck: 1967-1972, veteran author Kevin Whipps shows you how to inspect, assess, and accurately budget your restoration project. You are then taken through each major portion of truck restoration, including the engine, suspension, chassis, bodywork, paint, brakes, steering, transmission, driveline, electrical system, interior, and more. Each section shows practical, real-world repair and restoration in general and step-by-step formats. After all of these years of hard use and exposure to harsh conditions, most of these trucks are in need of some serious work.
Chevy/GMC trucks are extremely popular as stock restorations, fast street trucks, and off-road trucks. But before you can build a specialty truck, you need to have a solid, reliable, restored truck. This book provides the invaluable information and step-by-step instruction to return these trucks to their original glory.
Chapter Layout:
About the Author 
Chapter 1: Chevy Truck Model History 
  • Overview
  • How to Spot a Fake
  • What Kind of Truck Do You Want?
  • Inspection and Evaluation
  • Projects to Avoid
  • Customized Versus Stock
  • Rust Versus No Rust
  • Paperwork
  • Determining Skill Level
Chapter 2: Getting Started
  • Organization
  • Budgeting
  • Preparing Your Workspace
  • NOS and Reproduction Parts
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Welding and Metalwork
  • Consumables and Supplies
  • Making Your Own Tools
Chapter 3: The Body 
  • Stripping the Finish
  • What Do You Do with a Bare Metal Truck?
  • Rust Inspection
  • Panel Replacement
  • Dashboard Solutions
  • Floorboard Fixes
  • Gapping the Panels
  • Fixing Factory Issues
  • Body Repair
  • Working a Panel from Start to Finish
  • Prepping for Paint
Chapter 4: Paint 
  • DIY Versus Paying a Professional
  • Equipment
  • Paint Types
  • Selecting a Color
  • Primer
  • Paint Basics
  • Wet Sanding
Chapter 5: Engine
  • Authenticity and Reliability
  • Analysis of Work Required
  • Identification
  • Removal and Installation
Chapter 6: Transmission
  • DIY Versus Paying a Professional
  • Selection
  • Identification
Chapter 7: Drivetrain
  • Gear Ratios
  • Axle Identification
  • Rebuilding Differentials
Chapter 8: Brakes
  • Replace or Repair?
  • Brake Lines
  • Removal and Installation
Chapter 9: Suspension
  • DIY Versus Paying a Professional
  • Removal and Installation
  • Front Suspension
  • Rear Suspension
Chapter 10: Electrical System 
  • Wiring Harnesses
Chapter 11: Interior
  • DIY Versus Paying a Professional
  • Installing Carpet
  • Installing Sound-Deadening Material
  • Radio Delete Plate
  • Seat Upholstery
Chapter 12: Other Mechanicals 
  • Long-Bed to Short-Bed Conversions
  • Buying New Versus Cutting Old Bedsides
Source Guide 
Publisher: CarTech, Inc.
Paperback: 192 pages, 519 Color Photos
Dimensions: 8.3 x 10.9 x 0.3 inches
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