How to Swap LS & LT Engines into Chevy & GMC Trucks: 1960 - 1998
How to Swap LS & LT Engines into Chevy & GMC Trucks: 1960 - 1998

How to Swap LS & LT Engines into Chevy & GMC Trucks: 1960 - 1998

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How to Swap LS & LT Engines into Chevy & GMC Trucks: 1960 - 1998
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In the last few years of the automotive collector market, light trucks have become a hot commodity—especially Chevy trucks. Unlike in the past, heavily modified vehicles command a premium over stock restorations. Owners of these trucks, which were often fairly crude and not much fun to drive, are demanding modern performance and technology in each system. The brakes, suspension, steering, air conditioning, and electronics can be upgraded to make your old truck drive like new. Of course, the drivetrain is arguably the most important part of that equation, and that means swapping an LS or LT engine and a modern transmission into your classic Chevy truck.

To perform a successful LS or LT engine swap into an older Chevy truck, proper planning, the right combination of parts, and the correct information is required to complete the project. How to Swap LS & LT Engines into Chevy & GMC Trucks: 1960–1998 provides instruction and guidance for selecting the best engine for your budget, choosing the adapter plates and engine mounts, dropping the engine into the truck, selecting the ideal transmission and drivelines, and completing all facets of the swap. You must ensure that all of the other components on the car are compatible with the engine, so author Bryant instructs you how to integrate the electronic engine control system; select and install the exhaust, intake, and fuel pumps; and upgrade the cooling system for the high-performance LS and LT.

While the swapping process is covered in detail, the author also provides a helpful LS and LT engine guide. This helps you find the best option for your application and understand the different considerations for these two engines. Whether you are ready to get started right now or want to use this book to determine whether you want to tackle this project, this book is essential to making informed decisions along the way.


- Dedication
- Acknowledgments
- Chapter 1: Gen III, Gen IV, and Gen V Engines
- Chapter 2: Engine and Transmission Mounts
- Chapter 3: Oil Pans, Pan Modifications, and Aftermarket Options
- Chapter 4: Accessory Drives and Cooling Systems
- Chapter 5: Transmissions 
- Chapter 6: Wiring a C10 LS/LT Swap
- Chapter 7: ECMs and Initial Setup
- Chapter 8: Fuel System
- Chapter 9: Air Intake and Exhaust
- Source Guide
Publisher: Cartech Books
Softcover: 160 Pages w/ 471 Photos
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.0 x 1.0 inches
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