JALtest HeavyTruck + Ag MultiBrand Diagnostic Scantool, (Harware, Software, Licence, Info Online), V17.3 -With PC
JALtest HeavyTruck + Ag MultiBrand Diagnostic Scantool, (Harware, Software, Licence, Info Online), V17.3 -With PC

JALtest HeavyTruck + Ag MultiBrand Diagnostic Scantool, (Harware, Software, Licence, Info Online), V17.3 -With PC

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JALtest HeavyTruck + Ag MultiBrand Diagnostic Scantool, (Harware, Software, Licence, Info Online), V17.3 -With PC
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JALtest HDCOMMAG-PC (Latest Version): Widest Coverage and Repair Information for ALL Light, Medium & Heavy Truck, Bus, Agricultural & Industrial Brands

  • Vehicle Coverage Includes: Heavy Truck, Bus, Medium Truck, Light Car/Truck, Agricutlural Vehicle, Tractors, Cranes & Vehicle System Manufacturers
  • Diagnose Engine Systems, Transmission, Cabin Systems, ABS Brake Systems, Diesel Particulate Filters, Instrument Clusters, A/C, AirBag, Trailers, Industrial Equipment
  • Expert Mode includes Calibrations, DPF regenerations, Injector Calibrations, Cylinder Cut-Outs, Cylinder Balancing, ect.
  • Light & Medium Duty Vehicles have been upgraded substantially over the last year
  • OBD-II Light Vehicle Coverage similar to that of factory scan tool.  Covers Ford F-150 thru F750, E-Series, Dodge RAM, Sprinter Van, GMC/Chevrolet Medium Duty & All Asian Truck Brands
  • View All the factory published JALtest YouTube Videos - Click Here!


  • Part #: 29053: Annual JALtest License includes 3 updates in the first year, Enables Expert Mode Diagnostics and Repair Information
    • After first year of updates is used, cost of updates is approx. $1000 per year.
    • If tool is not updated after first year of use, all "Expert Mode" and repair information functions will turn off and only the basic code reader functions will remain turned on.
  • Part#: 29300 JALtest Soft (American Version Software) Multibrand Diagnostic Software  (Can be installed in laptops & tablet computers)
    • Click Here for a link to the factory JALtest Soft Product Page!
    • Purchase of one (1) license allows the purchaser to load the software on three (3) laptops or tablets. Note: Only One Set of Cables can be used per license even if you load the Software on 3 laptops. 
    • JALtest Info: A Large database with information about your commercial vehicle, such as wiring diagrams and technical releases.  Contains approximately 80% of repair information in factory service manuals on every brand.  User has access to repair information without being connected to the vehicle. Update Online
      • Interactive wiring diagrams: 28,000 Systems including ABS Brakes, Engine, Transmission, Instrument Cluster, A/C SRS, Trailers
      • I-parts integrated into software
    • Pass Through Capable for re-flashing electronic control modules
    • Includes "Expert Mode" Diagnostics enabling Parameter Modifications, DPF Regenerations, Injector Calibrations, Cylinder Cut-Outs, etc.
    • Comprehensive Labor Time Guide for all Heavy, Medium Trucks & other Equipment
    • Configurable Workshop Management Program
    • Diagnostic Connector Location information and information about cables and connectors
    • Perform Special Tests
    • Read and clear fault codes, DTC Look-up
    • Multilingual- 25 different languages: Turkish, Swedish, Spanish, Serbian, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Lithuanian, Korean, Italian, Hungarian, Greek, German, French, Finnish, English, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Chinese, Bosnian, Arabic
    • You can simultaneously combine obtaining values and measures with their ranges of reference values.  At the same time, you can exchange information with the units, by actuating components and performing the different tests available on the vehicle such as cylinders cutout, compression test, cylinders balance, binary states, etc.
    • Performs Functions usually Reserved for OEM Heavy Truck Diagnostic Software
    • Read & clear fault codes, Cylinder cut-out, Cylinder compression/balance, Injector actuations, Key component actuations, Key system tests, Automatic Vehicle ID, Exhaust Regen Capability on Almost All Heavy & Medium Truck Brands. 
    • Missing model coverage will be included on upcomming software updates.
  • Part#: HDAGV Agricultural Equipment Hardware, Software & License Kit.  See our website advertisement for part # COJ-HDAVG for complete details.
  • Part# 29366 Jaltest Link Kit (Adapter Box & Adapter Cables) connects laptop USB port to connector on truck enabling the JalTest Soft Software
    • (JTP94)-Multipins Cable
    • (JDC20AM2)-12 Volt Power Cable for Cigarette Lighter
    • (JDC10AM2)-12 Volt Power Cable for Battery
    • (JDC107.4)-USB Cable
    • Multiplexer JDC213M3 SAE protocol cable (OBD 16 Pin)
    • Multiplexer JDC212M3 SAE protocol cable (9 pins)
    • 6 Pin Adapter Plug JDC 211A (6 Pin Adapter plugs into 9 Pin Adapter)
    • JALtest Link (Adapter Box) Allows connection to vehicle in Wireless Mode:Bluetooth (150 feet), or, in Wiried Mode using the USB cable.  JALtest Link conforms to the following protocols:
      ISO 9141-2, SAE J1850 VPW, SAE J1850 PWM,SAE J1708. SCI Haldex, CAN ISO 11898, ISO 15765-4 (OBD), CAN Single Wire, CAN Low Speed, RP 1210, PASS THROUGH
  • Part# 29501 JALtest Rugged PC: DuraBook U12Ci Rugged Convertible Laptop.
    • CPU: Intel Core i5 U 560 1.33 Ghz
    • RAM: 4GB
    • LCD: 12.1in WXGA LCD, direct sunlight viewable, 1280x800 resolution
    • Storage: 2.5in SSD 128 GB
    • Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 32bit
    • Input/Output: USB: 2x USB 2.0, Card Reader: SD Cards, Video: 1x VGA port, Audio: 1x MIC-in, 1x headphones output, Other: Dual camera 1.3MP, 2x loud-speakers 1.5W
    • Dimensions: 12.9 x 10.9 x 1.6 inches, Weight: ~2400 g, Battery: 5200 mAh (~ 4 hours), 5200 mAh
    • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty and 6 months limited warranty for the battery

    JALtest Link Kit: Includes:

    • Part #: 29053: Annual JALtest License
    • Part#: 29300 Jaltest Soft (American Version Software)
    • Part#: HDAGV Jaltest Agricultural Equipment Hardware, Software & License Kit
    • Part# 29366 Jaltest Link Adapter Box & Adapter Cables
    • Part# 29501 JALtest Rugged PC
    • Part#: 29380 Transport Case
    • 1 Year Free Updates
    • CoJali Tech Support
Manufacturer: CoJali Group
Warranty: 1 Year Factory CoJali
Laptop Manufacturer: DuraBook
Laptop Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
Battery Warranty: 6 Months
Tech Support: 1 Year factory CoJali
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