Laser Thermometer Infrared 0-600 Degrees F
Laser Thermometer Infrared 0-600 Degrees F

Laser Thermometer Infrared 0-600 Degrees F

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Laser Thermometer Infrared 0-600 Degrees F
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No. GTC LT600 ~ Infrared Thermometers, 0 - 6000 F

Every object in the universe radiates invisible energy in the form of infrared radiation because of its temperature.? An infrared thermometer detects this amount of radiant energy through a set of high quality optics and sensors and instantaneously displays the corresponding temperature

Operation of the LT 600 is simple.? Just point the sensor at thee desired target and press the "on" button for a temperature reading.? No contact is ever needed.? Measurement ca be selected to show 0F or 0C.

Multiple Applications


???????? Chick rotor/drum temperature for sticking caliper pistons

???????? Detect overheating electrical components, connectors and wiring harness

???????? Pinpoint radiator core restrictions and check coolant sensor temperatures

???????? Diagnose cooling systems

???????? Diagnose catalytic converters

???????? Quickly check temperatures for misfiring sparkplugs, dead cylinders, fuel injectors, axle bearings, air duct vents, tires and asphalt for racers

???????? Air conditioner/Heat exchangers

???????? Body Shop (painting/baking temperatures)


???????? Check high voltage equipment or transformers from a safe distance

???????? Detect problem fuses, wires, insulators, connectors, splices, switches, etc?

???????? Scan electric/distribution panels


Mechanical Industrial Equipment?

???????? Moving motors and machinery

???????? Enhance preventive maintenance

???????? Boiler operations and steam systems

???????? Damaged or worn bearings detection


???????? Scan thermal insulation of ducts

???????? Furnace exteriors, steam trap, heat exchangers

???????? Refrigeration equipment and display cases

???????? Discharge air temperature in a high ceiling just by pointing at the air vent

???????? Take suction line temperatures for superheat

Food Service:

???????? Fast and convenient screening tool for both cold and hot foods for safety

???????? Absolutely no contamination or damage to the product

???????? Easily takes temperatures of products moving on conveyors or hard to reach places

???????? Verify equipment performance, sanitation and process temperature conditions

???????? Scan cooling systems, refrigerated display cases, trucks and storage areas before loading/unloading

Technical Specifications:

Temperature Range:

0 - 6000 F (-18 to 3150C)?

Operating Temperature:

500F - 1250F (100C to 520C)




+/- 2% of reading

Response Time:

1 second

Target Size:

3:1 optics (distance to measuring area ratio)

Field of View:

1" Min Target


+/- 0.5% of reading, plus one digit

Power Source:

Standard 9 Volt alkaline battery.? Type NEDA 1604 IEC 6F 22


8-14 um


7.26" x 1.7" x 0.75" (184 mm x 43 mm x 19 mm)


2.7 oz. (w/o battery)


Fixed at 0.95


IR Thermometer with laser sighting

Manufacturer: General Technologies Corp.
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