Digital Tachometer/Secondary Ignition Voltage Tester
Digital Tachometer/Secondary Ignition Voltage Tester

Digital Tachometer/Secondary Ignition Voltage Tester

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Digital Tachometer/Secondary Ignition Voltage Tester
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The TA100 is a two instruments in one professional microprocessor based contactless digital tachometer and secondary ignition voltage tester, which allows quick testing and diagnostics of the engine at a fraction of the time and cost of other equipment.

Wireless Digital Tachometer Features:

The tachometer function works by sensing and analyzing the radio emissions of the ignition systems to then show accurately the speed (in RPM) of the engine.

  • No sighting of rotating parts of hook-up required
  • Works on DIS, conventional, magneto and most ignition systems
  • For 1 to 12 cylinders and 2 and 4 cycles engines
  • Measures from 200 to 20000 RPM on a 4 1/2 digits display
  • Advanced micro-controller technology yields +/-0.5% accuracy
  • Auto power off

Secondary Ignition Voltage Tester Features:

Secondary ignition voltages testing and measurement as performed by simply hooking the sensor at the tip of the TA100 antenna to the spark plug or coil wire under test.

  • Instant digital readings from 0 to 40000 Volt
  • Special antenna sensor allows quick hook-up to spark plug and ignition coil wires
  • No ground wire connections required, for fast troubleshooting
  • Multiple diagnostic applications described in comprehensive User's Handbook
  • Auto power off

Applications, Tachometer Function

  • Check and set idling RPM
  • Perform power contribution/balance test
  • Verify if computer is working in open/close loop
  • Check fuel injection pump pressure/engine vacuum against recommended RPM
  • Checks hydraulics parameters against RPM

Applications, Secondary Ignition Voltage Tester Function

  • Check ignition system in non-starting conditions
  • Diagnose shorted or fouled spark plugs
  • Diagnose too narrow or too wide spark plugs gap
  • Diagnose low cylinder compression
  • Diagnose rich/lean mixture
  • Detects broken or defective ignition spark plug wires
  • Detects faulty ignition coil, distributor cap or rotor

Set Includes:

  • TA100 Digital Tachometer/Secondary ignition Analyzer
  • One Duracell MN1604 (9V) alkaline battery
  • User's handbook - English and Spanish

Technical Specifications


4 1/2 digit LCD (max reading 19999) 1/2" (12.5mm) Digits, Automatic our of range indicator, Automatic Zeroing, Low battery indicator

Power Source

One standard 9 volt alkaline battery type NEDA 1604 or equivalent

Battery Life

Approx. 200 hours of continuous use. Auto power off.

Operating Temperature

32 to 1040F (0 to 400C)


Collapsible 5 sections with capacitive sensor

Physical Dimensions

5.35" (H) x 2.75"(W) x 1"(D), 135.9mm (H) x 69.9mm (W) x 25.4mm(D)


6.2 oz. (175 g) including battery



200 to 19999 RPM

No. of Cylinders

1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10 and 12


2 and 4 cycles

Response Time

0.5 Sec.


0.5% + 2 dgts

Ignition Systems Compatibility

Distributor, Magneto and D.I.S.

Secondary ignition Voltage Tester

Ignition Peak Voltage Range

0 to 39.9 Kvolt

Response Time

0.5 Sec.

Pick Up

Capacitive sensor

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