California Custom Original Purple Metal Polish
California Custom Original Purple Metal Polish

California Custom Original Purple Metal Polish

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California Custom Original Purple Metal Polish
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California Custom's Purple Metal Polish

Purple Metal Polish is in a class of it's own. This is truly a no-rub metal polish. When you see just how easy it actually is to polish aluminum, chrome, brass and even plastic, you will be totally amazed. Specially formulated for EASABILITY, DURABILITY and a SUPER HIGH QUALITY SHINE. It is a SUPER QUICK and EASY maintenance product. Purple Metal Polish contains a superior abrasive along with Hi-tech cleaners and sealers to SAFELY CLEAN, SHINE and PROTECT all metal surfaces WITHOUT SCRATCHING!

When using this product on metal, DON'T use it like you would an average metal polish. This is completely different. See just how little rubbing it really does take to achieve a shine. Once applied, fold a clean terry cloth towel and (DON'T RUB!) buff off, wet or dry, to a brilliant CLOUD FREE SHINE!

EXCELLENT for removing light scratches on Motorcycle windshields, plastic bug guards and headlight covers. Can be applied on hot or cold metal. Do Not use on gold or silver plating. Will not work on clear-coated metals. Between polishings, for cleaning purposes avoid using brighteners or ammonia based cleaning products, mild soap and water is best for the SHINE.


For high quality metal polish, chrome polish, aluminum polish, brass polish, or plastic polish, nothing else comes close to Purple Metal Polish.

Another Great Use...

Since 1990, our customers have discovered many uses for our Purple Metal Polish (PMP).  One of the most innovative uses is for drums in remanufactured toner cartridges.  With just 60 seconds of wiping, PMP removes the toner residue from used drums without leaving any polish residue behind.  Once the toner residue is removed, you will get a clean test copy ON THE FIRST PAGE!  Your black will be dark and crisp with no backgrounding.

Just place a small drop of PMP on a half a paper towel and wipe it on the drum until it's clean (60 seconds or less).  Then wipe the drum with a tissue and you are finished. No more scraping the residue off with your thumbnail.

PMP is a cream, so it's not sticky or slimy.  And as with all California Custom products, there is no rubbing!  We guarantee it!

  • Shake bottle.
  • Place a drop on half a paper towel.
  • Wipe paper towel over drum until clean (usually 60 seconds or less).
  • Wipe with a tissue.
  • Run a one page test job.
  • You are done!
Manufacturer: California Custom
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