1999 - 2004 Ford Windstar Instrument Cluster Repair
1999 - 2004 Ford Windstar Instrument Cluster Repair

1999 - 2004 Ford Windstar Instrument Cluster Repair

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1999 - 2004 Ford Windstar Instrument Cluster Repair
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Your Instrument Cluster Professionally Remanufactured- includes FREE Next Day Air Shipping*

Description & Benefits:

  • 1/3 The Price of Buying NEW!
  • We will completely rebuild your Instrument Cluster using new replacement parts for optimal life
  • All non-working components will be repaired or replaced
  • All gauges are restored to proper operation and calibrated for accurate readings
  • All new stepper motors using the latest, upgraded design
  • All new backlighting bulbs with holders and a longer, thicker filament unit for extended and more reliable service
  • Fully remanufactured and vehicle simulator- tested for quality assurance
  • The case is cleaned and the lens is polished for a "New" look
  • Installation is quick, only hand tools are required.  No scan tool or special experience is necessary.
  • FREE Next Day Air Round Trip delivery & 1-3 day rebuild turn-around-time ensures minimum vehicle downtime.  
  • NOTE: When checking out with this product, in the shopping cart, please select the "FREE SHIPPING" option to receive FREE Next Day Air Delivery..

Application Information:

Yr Make  Model Measure Program

Part #

1999 Ford Windstar MPH WIN126 XF2F10849AA, XF2F10849AB, XF2F10849AC, XF2F10849AD, XF2F10849AE, XF2F10849AF, XF2F10849AG, XF2F10849AH, XF2F10849AJ, XF2F10849AK, XF2F10849AL, XF2F10849AM, XF2F10849BA, XF2F10849BB, XF2F10849BC, XF2F10849BD, XF2F10849BE, XF2F10849BF, XF2F10849BG, XF2F10849BH, XF2F10849BJ, XF2F10849BK, XF2F10849BL, XF2F10849BM, XF2F10849CA, XF2F10849CB, XF2F10849CC, XF2F10849CD, XF2F10849CE, XF2F10849CF, XF2F10849CG, XF2F10849CH, XF2F10849CJ, XF2F10849CK, XF2F10849CL, XF2F10849CM, XF2F10849DA, XF2F10849DB, XF2F10849DC, XF2F10849DD, XF2F10849DE, XF2F10849DF, XF2F10849DG, XF2F10849DH, XF2F10849DJ, XF2F10849DK, XF2F10849DL, XF2F10849DM, XF2F10849EA, XF2F10849EB Digital Display
2000 Ford Windstar MPH WIN126 YF2F10849AA, YF2F10849AB, YF2F10849AC, YF2F10849BA, YF2F10849BB, YF2F10849BC, YF2F10849CA, YF2F10849CB, YF2F10849CC, YF2F10849DA, YF2F10849DB, YF2F10849DC, YF2F10849EA, YF2F10849EB, YF2F10849EC, YF2F10849FA, YF2F10849FB, YF2F10849GA, YF2F10849HA Digital Display
2001 Ford Windstar MPH WIN126 1F2F10849AB, 1F2F10849AC, 1F2F10849AD, 1F2F10849AE, 1F2F10849AF, 1F2F10849AG, 1F2F10849AH, 1F2F10849AJ, 1F2F10849BA, 1F2F10849BB, 1F2F10849BC, 1F2F10849BD, 1F2F10849BE, 1F2F10849BF, 1F2F10849BG, 1F2F10849BH, 1F2F10849CA, 1F2F10849CB, 1F2F10849CC, 1F2F10849CD, 1F2F10849CE, 1F2F10849CF, 1F2F10849CG, 1F2F10849CH, 1F2F10849DA, 1F2F10849DB, 1F2F10849DC, 1F2F10849DD, 1F2F10849DE, 1F2F10849DF, 1F2F10849DG, 1F2F10849DH, 1F2F10849FA, 1F2F10849FB, 1F2F10849FC, 1F2F10849FD, 1F2F10849FE, 1F2F10849FF, 1F2F10849GA, 1F2F10849GB Digital Display
2002 Ford Windstar MPH WIN126 2F2T10849CA, 2F2T10849DA, 2F2T10849FA, 1F2F10849AA Digital Display
2003-2004 Ford Windstar MPH WIN126 3F2T10849JA, 3F2T10849JB, 3F2T10849KA, 3F2T10849KB, 3F2T10849LA, 3F2T10849LB, 3F2T10849LC, 3F2T10849MA, 3F2T10849MB, 3F2T10849MC, 3F2T10849NA, 3F2T10849NB, 3F2T10849NC Digital Display

Part: Ford Engineering part # or stamping #: found on a label & sometime falls off or unreadable/faded -base # 10849
Yr: Model Year
Make: OEM Manufacturer: Ford
Model: Vehicle Application
Measure: MPH or KPH based Speedometer
Program: Engineering Classification and Application Identifier
Odometer: Mechanical Odometer Roll or Digital Display

Minimal Vehicle Downtime:

  • Allow 24 to 72 Hours for Repair Completion
  • FREE Next Day Air Round Trip delivery

What You Need To Do:

  1. Write down your VIN #, Mileage, Trans Type (Auto/Manual) & Problem experienced with Instrument Cluster
  2. Purchase Service Online or call (989) 839-4877 to purchase over-the-phone (you will be asked for the info above)
  3. Remove your Instrument Cluster from the vehicle.  It is easy, many videos show you how to do it
  4. Wrap the Instrument Cluster in bubble wrap or compressible foam and place it in a cardboard box
  5. We will email you a UPS Call Tag that you need to print out and tape to your box
  6. Drop off the Boxed Instrument Cluster at a UPS Store or give it to a UPS driver

What's Included:

  • FREE Next Day Air call tag emailed to you
  • Your Instrument Cluster is Professionally Rebuilt as described above
  • FREE Next Day Air shipping back to you

What IS NOT Included in Our Rebuild Program:

  • Rebuild of Burned, Crushed or Mutilated Instrument Cluster - call for pricing
  • Rebuild of Flood or Water Damaged Instrument Cluster - call for pricing
  • Missing or Damaged Internal Electrical Parts: Such as stepper motors, circuit board trace conductors - Additional cost may apply
  • Replacement of Broken or Cracked Lens - May be available at additional cost
  • Replacement of  Missing Gauge Needles  - May be available at additional cost
  • If the Instrument Cluster received is fully functional, meaning "no repair is necessary" your payment will be refunded minus a $65 inspection & handling fee.

Shipping Limitations:

  • * Free UPS Next Day Air Shipping IS NOT applicable to Hawaii, Alaska, or US Territories, US Priority Mail will be used instead.  Expect vehicle downtime to be ten (10) business days.
  • International Orders:
    • * US Mail International Priority Delivery One-Way Only.  Customer is responsible for cost of shipping to our rebuild facility.  Shipping of the rebuilt Instrument Cluster back to the customer is included in this price.
    •  The purchaser is responsible for paying his/her countries import duty taxes, customs fees, and local taxes.
Warranty: Limited 3 Months
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