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OTC, The One Tool Company that professional technicians trust. Over 75 years commitment to quality has earned that trust. The Genisys accessories included on this page are Training Manuals, Software Update Kits, Smart Cables, ABS / Air bag Kits, European/Asian/Heavy Duty Starter Kits and more. These accessories enhances the the diagnostic power of the scan tool and provides you with the very best value for your money. When you look at the true cost of ownership - the purchase price, cost of updates, cost of add-ons, range of features, reliability, training and much more - OTC Scanners stand out as the very best value for your money. OTC provides the affordable diagnostics technology you need today and to grow your shop tomorrow.

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Tenergy 9.6V 2000mAh NiMH Battery for OTC Genisys / EVO Scan Tools (SKU: 239180)Replacement Battery for OTC Genisys EVO, OTC Genisys, OTC Solarity, Mac Mentor PRO, Mac Mentor, Matco Determinator, Matco Determinator X, Cornwell Tech/Force
Genisys Super Bundle Software Kit: - 2012 Domestic & Asian, 2011 European Software with ABS/Airbag + System 5.0 (SKU: OTC3421141)2012 Domestic & Asian, 2011 European Software with ABS/Airbag + System 5.0
Genisys Loyalty Software Kit: - 2013 Domestic & Asian, 2012 European Software with ABS/Airbag (SKU: OTC3421147)2013 Domestic, 2013 Asian & 2012 European with ABS/Airbag software updates for OTC Genisys Scan Tools.
Genisys Loyalty Software Kit: - 2012 Domestic & Asian, 2011 European w/ ABS/Airbag & Pathfinder (SKU: OTC3421145)2012 Domestic, 2012 Asian & 2011 European with ABS/Airbag & Pathfinder software updates for OTC Genisys Evo Scan Tools.
OTC Genisys System 5.0 Memory Expansion Kit (SKU: OTC3421144)For Genisys owners with System 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0.
Genisys Asian OBD-I Cable Kit (SKU: OTC342194)
Genisys USA Domestic OBD-I Cable Kit (SKU: OTC342170)Includes all OBD-I cables for use with all 1995 and older GM, Ford & Chrysler vehicles.
Genisys ABS / Airbag OBD-I Cable Kit (SKU: OTC342154)
Genisys European OBD-I Cable Kit (SKU: OTC342175)
Genisys Medium / Heavy-Duty Truck Starter Kit: Software & Cables (SKU: OTC342179)
Genisys Smart Cable for OBD-II (SKU: OTC342188)
Genisys 4 Channel Scope Module with InfoTech 2006 (SKU: OTC3688)Genisys 4-channel scope analyzes the most sophisticated vehicles. Covers Domestic, Asian & Euro vehicles with InfoTech Software & Engine, Trans & ABS systems included.
Genisys 5 Gas Microgas Module and Software (SKU: OTC3780)
Genisys USB Memory Card Reader (SKU: OTC342167)
Power Charger Cable for Genisys & Solarity (SKU: OTC342104)
Replacement Battery for OTC Genisys & Solarity (SKU: OTC239180)
OTC Old Style Genisys Protective Cover (SKU: OTC3421102)
OTC J2534 J2534 ECU Reprogram / Reflash Interface (SKU: OTC3829)
OTC Two-Channel Tech-Scope (SKU: OTC3857)
Wireless Printer for Genisys and Accuracy Plus (SKU: OTC3157)

We sell the full line of OTC Genisys software updates and accessories.  Contact us if you need help choosing the correct update kit for your Genisys.  We carry the replacement power charger cable / cord for the Genisys, Item OTC342104.  We also the Genisys replacement battery, Item OTC239180. 2012 or 2013 updates available with System 5.0.

OTC/SPX Corporation Profile: OTC / SPX Corporation is a large manufacturer automotive, truck and bus electronic diagnostic scan tools, gas and diesel fuel system diagnostic & maintenance equipment, special repair tools used in OEM dealerships, general automotive repair tools, hub pullers, heavy duty truck tools including jacks, torque wrenches, air tools, engine transmission, differential and transfer case repair tools, shop equipment including wheel balancers, tire changer, chargers, battery analyzerss and hydraulic equipment. OTC was founded in 1925 and is located in Owatonna, Minnesota.  In 1985 OTC was merged into the SPX Corporation.  SPX corporation, with in Muskegon, Michigan, is a diversified, multinational manufacturer of a wide variety of equipment.  The SPX automative tools group is called the "Service Solutions Group".  The following divisions are included in the Service Solutions Group: OTC and Kent-Moore, headquertered in Warren, Michigan. OTC sells its products through three or four large distrubters within the USA.  These large wholesalers supply a network of independent distributors.  In addition, OTC sells its OEM dealership repair tools directly to car, truck, agricultural implement, construction and marine dealerships.

OTC Manufacturing & Operating Locations: Owatonna, Minnesota (two facilities).  The Eisenhower Drive facility in Owatonna, MN designs and manufactures mechanical tools and shop equipment used in most new car dealerships. The Park Drive complex, in Owatonna, MN designs and produces OTC's diagnostic scan tools for the automotive and truck industries.  Operating facilities are located in the UK (V.L. Churchill, Daventry, England), Germany (OTC Tool GMBH, Langenfeld, Germany), and Japan (JATEK, Tokyo, Japan). Coupons on

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