Nexiq Pro-Link IQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pro-Link iQ and why should I buy it?

The Pro-Link iQ is the new standard in hand-held diagnostic scanning tools for commercial vehicles. NEXIQTM product management personnel partnered with service technicians who use diagnostic tools, listened to their suggestions and requests, and designed the iQ as an easy-to-use, advanced, efficient and accurate instrument. It has been designed to guide technicians through even the most complicated vehicle tests using simple menus and message screens. The product provides access to updated Commercial Vehicle diagnostic applications for use in obtaining vehicle information and vehicle service.

Is Pro-Link iQ compatible with all OEM systems

The iQ is compatible with truck OEM engine and component system manufacturers with J1587- and J1708-compliant systems. The iQ system also supplies basic coverage for certain vehicles using a non-proprietary application called Heavy Duty Standard (HDS). The iQ also provides information for the light duty vehicles in a separate application termed OBD II for light- and medium-duty trucks. For commercial vehicle specific information and diagnostics the iQ provides access to proprietary information for Caterpillar Bridge and ACERT engines, Detroit Diesel III/IV/V engines, and International Mid-Range engines as separate applications available for purchase. Applications with proprietary information will also be released soon for Allison transmissions, and Meritor-WABCO braking systems.

Do I need to purchase software to make it work?

The Pro-Link iQ includes certain OEM-compatible software applications (available at time of purchase of the iQ) free for an initial trial period. This system trial is limited to 5 uses. The Pro-Link iQ also comes standard at the time of purchase with current model HDS diagnostic software. After the initial trial period, specific OEM and component system software may be purchased separately. As software is updated for new models, an access key purchased from one of the NEXIQ product distributors provides an easily updated application for the iQ via the Internet.

Is Pro-Link iQ replacing Pro-Link GRAPHIQ?

The Pro Link GRAPHIQ continues to be an important part of NEXIQ Technologies product strategy. GRAPHIQ users can expect the same service and technical support they have enjoyed in the past from NEXIQ. The Pro-Link GRAPHIQ still provides access to a number of vehicles in use today. These applications will likely not be available on the iQ as NEXIQ is focused on providing updated and new applications for today and tomorrow's vehicles.

Is user training included with the Pro-Link iQ package?

The iQ was designed by technicians for technicians. Its use is intuitive. No significant training period is required. A "DEMO" software for use in training is always accessible on the iQ. Also available is a quick review at Technicians will be able to pick it up and begin using it immediately through easy-to-read touch screens. However, as always, NEXIQ's technical support is available at: - Email Support: - Phone Support: 1-800-639-6774 (Toll-Free in the U.S.) (248)-232-6610 (From Detroit or outside the U.S.)

Will Pro-Link iQ work with a wireless connection?

At present the product will not maintain a wireless connection to the vehicle. However, the product plan is to enable wireless vehicle data extraction through the use of the compact flash slot on the Pro-Link iQ.

Can I connect Pro-Link iQ to my PC or Laptop?

Pro-Link iQ is a complete stand-alone solution for commercial-vehicle diagnostic applications. However, you may wish to use the PC companion software to download reports, obtain updated software for the iQ from the NEXIQ website, or download a stored file from the iQ. The companion software is standard with the sale of the iQ. NOTE: Required USB cable is not provided.

What kind of data will Pro-Link iQ graph?

The iQ will create visual graphs representing virtually all data parameters in the applications supplied on the product. The visual graphs are user selectable. However, printing of a graph from the iQ is not available.

Can I print data from Pro-Link iQ?

Pro-Link iQ can be connected to an external printer with one of the two supplied USB ports. The printer must be a PCL3 compatible printer. Supported Printers: HP Photosmart C6200, HP Photosmart C5280, HP Photosmart D7260, HP Photosmart D5360

How is Pro-Link iQ powered?

The iQ is powered by either the vehicle or internal battery for continuous use. NOTE: Upon purchase of your iQ it is advisable that you connect to a vehicle using the supplied 6 or 9 pin deutsch adapters. PLEASE turn the unit on. The unit will charge itself over a period of time and your facility will be able to begin using the iQ after this short charging period. An AC adapter is optional for the iQ, the part number for this accessory is 488099.

How will I receive software updates?

Software updates are downloaded via the Internet. If this is a "purchased" update an access key available for purchase from a NEXIQ distributor will enable this update. If this is a software "concern" to a known issue, the registration and serial number associated to the Pro-Link iQ will enable the download from the iQ web-site.

How does the free OEM software offer work?

NEXIQ Technologies is providing the OEM software package, including applications for Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, and International engines. The FREE trial is activated upon purchase of the Pro-Link iQ and will run free for up to five separate uses of the application. Upon expiration of the free trials, the software cannot be enabled without an access key available for purchase from one of the NEXIQ distributors. Please NOTE: If you happen to connect to a vehicle that has the specific system on the vehicle and do not use the software for diagnosis. A free trial has still been consumed. The Pro-Link iQ does determine and automatically connects to each system on the vehicle.

How do I purchase Pro-Link iQ?

The Pro-Link iQ is available from any NEXIQ Distributor. You can find a complete list by clicking the Distributor link on the top right of this page.

What about technical support?

NEXIQ provides you with several support options for all of its products, including the Pro-Link iQ. A good place to start is the Pro-Link iQ FAQs and downloads section on our web site. These links can be accessed at (, which provides answers to technical questions that are frequently asked and allows you to download drivers, documentation, and other software. Also, you may contact our technical-support team at: - Email Support: - Phone Support: 1-800-639-6774 (Toll-Free in the U.S.) (248)-293-8200 (From Detroit or outside the U.S.)

Is Pro-Link iQ manufactured in the United States?

All NEXIQ branded hand products are made in the USA.

How do I register my iQ and activate my software?

Steps for registering and activating your software can be found at the below link located in the Pro-Link iQ Downloads. Activating Your Software

How do I turn off my Pro-Link iQ?

In order to turn the Pro-Link iQ off hold the power button down for approximately 6 seconds.

When I plug the iQ into my computer it shows new hardware found. What steps are required to install the iQ hardware?

First you will install the Companion software on your computer. This software is located on the CD you received with your iQ. After this is complete you will plug your iQ into the computer using a USB cable. When this is done it will display "found new hardware". Follow these Companion Setup steps here to install the iQ hardware.

Does the Companion Software work with Windows Vista?

The Companion Software is designed around Windows XP. We have had some varying success with Windows Vista although it is not supported. The software can be downloaded from here.

Can I use my Pro-Link Plus or Pro-Link Graphiq applications on the Pro-Link iQ?

No, unfortunately the two technologies are not interchangeable.

When would I need to use the uninstall software function on the Pro-Link iQ?

The uninstall software function on the iQ should only be used if a NEXIQ Technician advises this to be done. If a program becomes corrupted it may be necessary to remove the program and reinstall it. NOTE: removing and reinstalling the software will not restore the 5 free uses if they've already been consumed.

I just received the Allison and Wabco software programs, how do I get this software onto my Pro-Link iQ?

You can download the program two ways. You can download it from this web-site under the Pro-Link iQ Downloads or you can download it from the CD that came with your iQ software. Directions for downloading using either method can be found here.

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