Toyota A750E / A750F Transmission Tech Guide Mini CD
Toyota A750E / A750F Transmission Tech Guide Mini CD

Toyota A750E / A750F Transmission Tech Guide Mini CD

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Toyota A750E / A750F Transmission Tech Guide Mini CD
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The A750E/A750F was introduced in 2003 in the U.S. market. It is found in Toyota 4Runner, Tundra and Land Cruiser, FJ Cruiser as well as some Lexus models. It is a Five Speed transmission equipped with Three Driving Clutches, Four Holding Brakes and Three freewheels. First thru Fourth gears are controlled with the assist of the freewheel devices and the Forth to Fifth gear change is Clutch To Clutch. The ECM houses Engine control and Transmission control. The ECM monitors numerous sensors to control shift feel and shift timing. The computer strategy which operates the transmission is called the AI: Electronically Controlled Transmission with Artificial Intelligence. The uses electronic controls to adjust hydraulic pressure and shift timing based on engine load, throttle opening and road condition, (up-hill or down- hill detection). These inputs control the main characteristics of how this transmission operates. The following information shows operational strategy of what gears are available in what range and also provides detailed information on Valve Body Breakdown, theory of operation and component location and Identification.

Each manual provides all the information necessary for transmission disassembly, assembly, diagnosis & testing. This manual contains ample pictures and exploded view parts diagrams with part names.


  • Introduction
  • Index
  • Gear Ratio
  • Application Chart
  • Solenoid Principles of Operation
  • Shifter Descriptions
  • Electrical Information - Solenoid Checks
  • Range Sensor Information
  • Transmission Partial Wiring Diagram
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code Descriptions
  • ATF Cooler Information
  • Pressure Specifications
  • Transmission Fluid Check
  • Internal Harness Routing and Identification
  • Solenoid Location and Identification
  • Valve Body Disassembly
  • Lower Valve Body Valve & Spring Identification
  • Lower Valve Body Retainer Locations
  • Upper Valve Body Valve & Spring Identification
  • Valve Body Checkball Locations
  • Accumulator Identification
  • Air Check Passages
  • Component Dis-Assembly
  • Solenoid Hydraulic Theory of Operation
  • Valve Body Mapping Passage ID
  • Oil Circuit Diagrams
Manufacturer: ATSG
Media: CD-ROM
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