Cummins Diesel Engine Fuel Pump PT (type G) Calibation Instructions Manual
Cummins Diesel Engine Fuel Pump PT (type G) Calibation Instructions Manual

Cummins Diesel Engine Fuel Pump PT (type G) Calibation Instructions Manual

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Cummins Diesel Engine Fuel Pump PT (type G) Calibation Instructions Manual
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Used Cummins Softcover Manual in Very Good Condition

This manual covers the calibration instructions for the Cummins PT (type G) fuel pump on test stands made or approved by Cummins Engine Company, Inc., and equipped with an accurate flowmeter and orifices.

A binder is available for your PT (type G) manual. It can be purchased by ordering Bulletin No. 983692. Fuel Pump test stands without flowmeter are not as accurate and use of these should be discontinued or conversions applied; however, until this is accomplished, calibration values for these test stands are available from Bulletin 983533 and apply only to fuel pumps released during and prior to 1963.

Table of Contents

Calibration Test Equipment    
Calibration Instructions     
Fuel Pump Trouble Shooting     
Adjustment On Engine

List of Tables

Test Standards for Conversions
Governor Springs and Specifications
Idle Spring Plunger Data
Torque Springs and Specifications       
MVS and SVS Governor Springs and Specifications
Calibration Recheck Specifications

Index of Instructions
Brake Horsepower Formula
Calibration Procedure
Calibration Value Precautions
Cleaning F lowrators
Check Point Pressures
Engine Hi-Idle Speed Adjustment
Engine Power Check
Filter Restriction
Flow Adjustment
Fuel Manifold Adjustment on Pump
Fuel Manifold Adjustment on Engine
Fuel Pump Adjustment on Engine
Fuel Rate Adjustment on Engine
Gear Pump Test
Governed Speed Adjustment
Governor Cut Off Speed
High Torque R ise Fuel Pumps
High Idle Adjustment on Engine
Horsepower Conversions
Housing Porosity Check
Idle Speed Adjustment on Pump    
Idle Speed Adjustment on Engine
MVS Governor Leakage
MVSIdle Speed
Nameplate Stamping
Pump Hookup on Engine
Pump Hookup on Test Stand
Pump Run In
Pump Seal Check
Recheck Specifications
Sealing Fuel Pump
SVS Idle Speed
Test Oil     
Test Stands
Throttle Leakage Adjustment on Pump    
Throttle Leakage Adjustment on Engine
Trouble Shooting with Test Stand
Vacuum Adjustment
Weight Assist Pressure Check

Publisher: Cummins Engine Co.
Looseleaf Binder: Approx. 100 pages
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.0 x 2.3 inches
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