Short Open Circuit Tester Power Probe
Short Open Circuit Tester Power Probe

Short Open Circuit Tester Power Probe

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Short Open Circuit Tester Power Probe
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Pin-points short and open circuits through

plastic panels, carpet, molding and much more.

An absolute must when tracing electrical circuits! - Complete with 4 adapters

Includes Storage Case!

The "Smart" ECT2000 makes locating short and open circuits easier than ever before. Its advanced digital intelligence puts it far above all others. It consists of 2 units, a "Smart" transmitter and a "Smart" receiver along with 4 of the most common adapters to get you connected to any electrical circuit on the vehicle. The "Smart"ECT-2000 detects and alerts you immediately whether a circuit is shorted or open. You can also wiggle, twist, pull, push and flex wires or connectors and observe a change in intermittent circuit conditions. The reception threshold feature allows you to lock in your preferred distance from the circuit, giving you flexibility. The "Smart" receiver also shows the direction to the short circuit, eliminating the guesswork. Cut through the chase with The "Smart" ECT-2000.

You'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

Tracing Open Circuits

  • Signal is being received
  • Signal is not being received here
  • Signal stops at the point of wire separation

Tracing Short Circuits

  • Beep-beep-beep
  • Signal drops at the point of the short circuit
  • Beep-beep-beep
  • No matter what side of the circuit you test, the Receiver will indicate the direction to the short or ground (observe LED indicator).

Circuit Wiggle and flex test

  • Wiggle and twist wires to check for intermittent conditions in circuits
  • Sometimes it may be necessary to check for intermittent connection problems. The circuit wiggle and flex test allows you to wiggle, twist, pull, push and flex wires or connectors to observe a circuit change.

Locking the reception distance

  • As you bring the receiver near the transmitting signal, the tone pulses will increase in ppm (pulses per minute). When you reach the desired distance, depress the POWER/Sensitivity button to lock the reception at the distance you prefer.
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